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Anti-Social behaviour

KS 3, KS 4 : ASB (Last updated: 13/07/2022)

Presentation for KS 3 and 4 discussing the impact of ASB, the law and alcohol.


Drugs awareness (Targeted)

KS 3, KS 4, KS 5 : Drugs (Last updated: 13/07/2022)

This presentation is for targeted delivery only and covers a range of different drugs and the impact they have on the body. This is health based approach and although it refers to the laws, it’s intent is explain the risks of drugs.

As the content of the presentation covers a range of drug types, irrelevant slides can be removed. It is also recommended that the input is delivered by youth specialist staff in partnership with a drug organisation or DLO. For guidance contact the HQ CCP team.


Halloween (Secondary)

KS 3, KS 4 : ASB, Personal Safety (Last updated: 10/10/2022)

This product for key stage 3 and 4 students explains how to enjoy halloween and bonfire night safely. It focuses on the impact of ASB on the community and potential health risks from firework misuse. The video within the presentation contains graphic images and should be viewed prior to delivery to ensure suitability.


Hate crime

KS 3, KS 4 : Hate crime (Last updated: 13/07/2022)

This presentation discusses the different types of hate crimes, what constitutes a hate crime and the impact it has on a victim and the potential impact on an offender.


Knife Crime: Targeted

KS 3, KS 4, KS 5 : Violence (Last updated: 01/03/2022)

This package has been created for targeted responses only. The 45-60 minute session conveys the impact of a knife incident to those connected to it (officer, paramedic, family) etc and shows how one act of violence can hurt many people.
Part way through the presentation there are two videos. You will need to discuss with the school which video you opt for as one contains more impactive content.
To deliver this package, contact the CCP HQ team

Presentation I Lesson plan

Online risks

KS 3 : Online Safety (Last updated: 12/01/2022)

This product, created for delivery at KS3, discusses the positives and negatives of your online presence and draws out the possible risks and implications. It advises on how to stay safe and secure online and asks how social networks can be given free to the user. Sexting is addressed and the impact this can have.


Protective Behaviours

KS 2, KS 3 : Personal Safety (Last updated: 24/11/2022)

In this broad topic, that can be delivered 1:1 or in larger groups, young people can express how they feel when dealing with risky situations. Designed to identify how our body tells us it’s worried, the session promotes conversation and recognising risk


Weapons (Generic)

KS 3 : Violence (Last updated: 13/07/2022)

  • What is a weapon?
  • Why might someone carry a weapon?
  • Understanding the law
  • School and police actions
  • Risks of carrying weapons
  • What can I do if I think someone is carrying a weapon?


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