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Teens in care ‘abandoned to crime gangs’ (20/05/2019)
Thousands of teenagers in care are being “dumped” in unregulated homes and “abandoned to organised crime gangs”, the BBC has been told. The number of . . . looked-after children aged 16 and over living in unregistered accommodation in England has increased 70% in a decade, Newsnight has found. Police forces have raised concerns, saying criminals see the premises as an easy target for recruitment.
Too many children in mental health hospitals, says report (20/05/2019)
Too many children in England are being admitted to mental health hospitals unnecessarily, according to a report. Research for the Children’s Commissioner for . . . England found children were often unable to get appropriate support at school and in the community. This was contributing to children ending up in institutions, sometimes for months or years, the report found.
Autistic dad shares his struggles with being a parent (20/05/2019)
Becoming a parent for the first time is a life-changing moment for anyone but it can pose extra challenges when you have autism. Jude Morrow has Asperger’s . . . syndrome, a type of autism spectrum disorder, and he struggled with becoming a father when his son Ethan was born. The Londonderry man has trouble interpreting and expressing feelings, as well as experiencing sensory issues and he dislikes disruption to his routine.

Limiting screen use for one week may improve teenagers’ sleep – study (20/05/2019)
Sleep problems suffered by teenagers can be improved after just one week by limiting evening exposure to light-emitting screens on mobile phones, tablets and . . . computers, a study suggests. The research indicates that by reducing their exposure to blue light-emitting devices in the evening, adolescents can improve their sleep quality and reduce symptoms of fatigue, lack of concentration and mood swings after seven days.
Too many children in England’s mental health hospitals unnecessarily – report (20/05/2019)
Vulnerable children with learning disabilities are stuck in mental health hospitals for long periods and in poor conditions, the Children’s Commissioner for . . . England has warned. A report published on Monday said children were spending months and years unnecessarily in institutions that are often far from their homes, while some were routinely restrained or sedated.
Children being ‘locked up’ and ‘sedated’ in mental health hospitals (20/05/2019)
Hundreds of children with autism or a learning disability are admitted to mental health hospitals where they can suffer “nightmare” failures of care, the . . . children’s commissioner for England has found. Anne Longfield found many children are admitted unnecessarily and go on to spend years in institutions as part of a system that is letting them down.
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