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26/04/2021: Review of children’s social care in England ignores role of poverty, says expert

One of the UK’s foremost child protection experts has accused the government-commissioned review of children’s social care in England of ignoring the key role of poverty in driving the dramatic rise . . . in youngsters being taken into care. Eileen Munro, a former government adviser, warned that “hobbling restrictions” placed by ministers around the review’s terms of reference also appeared to prevent it calling for extra funding for children’s social care services.

25/04/2021: Complaining to universities about harassment ‘often a waste of time’

Students and staff who complain of sexual assault and harassment are often left in the dark by university investigations, and made to feel like their disclosures were “a waste of time”, according to . . . campaigners. The campaigners also said the government should make it a legal requirement for universities in the UK to complete sexual misconduct investigations even where staff have left the university, and to inform their new employer in a written reference. This would prevent staff from moving institutions to evade sanctions.

25/04/2021: Mental health: Why we need to cut students some slack

I recently had a boiler crisis and a medical scare in the same week. When the heating engineer came to fix the boiler (at a weekend, prime time, emergency rates applying), the problem was resolved . . . with a simple turn of a screw. The kettle hadn’t even finished boiling by the time he was done. I literally had a screw loose. That was all.
Times Education Supplement

23/04/2021: Support for young people’s self-esteem ‘needed more than ever’

A project that works with young people to boost self-esteem says its services are “needed now more than ever”. Revealed Projects provides workshops in schools and youth clubs on wellbeing and healthy . . . relationships for nine to 18-year-olds across north Somerset.

23/04/2021: Children with brothers and sisters overlooked for adoption

Hundreds of children are being overlooked for adoption because they have brothers or sisters who also need a new home, according to a campaign to reverse the trend whereby a third of potential parents . . . do not consider adopting siblings. Siblings make up the largest number of “harder to place” children still waiting for families, according to the latest figures from local authorities in England. These include boys and girls aged over five, children with a disability, and those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

22/04/2021: Psychologists highlight importance of play among young children

Psychologists have highlighted the “critical” role of play in children’s lives, after a survey found that primary school pupils are too often not being allowed to take part in outside activity . . . independently. The British Children’s Play Survey, published earlier this week, revealed that parents are not allowing their children out alone to play until they are nearly 11 years old.
Children and Young People Now

22/04/2021: Racial disparity in stop and search – new report calls for greater scrutiny of ‘self-generated’ searches

This report of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services Report (HMICFRS) examines key data on the use of stop and search by police and investigates the implicit bias . . . that may underpin the use of this power. The report lays out the disproportionality that exists in police treatment of BAME people compared to White people, placing the onus on police to provide evidence-based explanations for the discrepancies observed and to better monitor, train and educate officers around this topic.
Youth Justice Legal Centre

21/04/2021: Centrepoint reveals spike in demand for support during lockdowns

The number of young people contacting youth homelessness charity Centrepoint for support increased by more than a third during lockdown, new research shows. The charity’s A Year Like No Other report . . . looks at youth unemployment, homelessness, poverty and mental health, and assesses the impact of the government’s policy interventions during the pandemic.
Children and Young People Now

NEWSLETTER: Youth and Online Safety
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Useful Links

The Breck Foundation

The Breck Foundation campaigns for a safer internet for all children and young people – whether they are gaming, communicating on social media, using . . . apps or taking part in any other internet-based activity.

The Ben Kinsella Trust

We are one of the leading anti-knife crime charities in the UK, set up following the tragic murder of Ben Kinsella in 2008. Our vision is of a society . . . where no family or community suffers the loss of a life to knife crime. We are a young person’s charity and we believe in prevention through education. We adopt a universal and early intervention approach aimed at preventing young people from making the wrong choices and helping them to stay safe.

Young Carers in Schools Programme

Young Carers in Schools is a free initiative that makes it as easy as possible for schools to support young carers, and awards good practice. Run . . . jointly by Carers Trust and The Children’s Society, the Young Carers in Schools (YCiS) programme works with schools across England to share good practice, provide relevant tools and training, and to celebrate the great outcomes that many schools achieve for young carers. Due to the increased pressures of Covid-19, now is a crucial time to be implementing support for young carers in school.

The For Baby’s Sake Trust

We campaign and share expertise on improving life-chances. We call on government not to waste the precious time when babies’ brains are developing and . . . parents want help to break cycles of domestic abuse and related traumatic adversities. We empower expectant parents with what they need to break the cycle of domestic abuse and give their baby the best possible start in life, especially by helping them to come to terms with trauma and adversity in their own childhoods.

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