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01/03/2021: Study shows one-in-three children have rarely been leaving the house

Health, Coronavirus

A new study indicates that only a third of children in Bradford had sufficient exercise in the first lockdown, last spring – and that a similar proportion were rarely leaving the home. Dr John Wright, of Bradford Royal Infirmary, says this is contributing to a different kind of health crisis, one that began long before the pandemic, but risks becoming worse because of it.


01/03/2021: Why this teen set up a prize-winning fake cosmetics shop

Domestic Abuse, Coronavirus

Disturbed by reports of rising domestic violence under coronavirus lockdown, a Polish high school student decided to launch a fake online shop to offer a lifeline to victims trapped in their homes. Her idea won a European Union prize that came with €10,000 (£8,700; $12,120). “Firstly, I heard about the increase in domestic violence cases during the pandemic. Then I heard about a French initiative, where people go to the pharmacy and ask for a special mask that lets the pharmacist know they are a victim of domestic violence,” Krystyna Paszko explained.


01/03/2021: Poorer students ‘three A-level grades behind better-off peers’

Education, Family

The first study to measure the education “disadvantage gap” amongst sixth form and college students has found that poorer pupils are on average the equivalent of three whole A-level grades behind their better off peers. The study, funded by the Nuffield Foundation and conducted by the Education Policy Institute (EPI), found that the gap in attainment is largely a result of poorer students already having lower grades at the end of their GCSEs.

Children and Young People Now

01/03/2021: Care Review officially launches as experts panel revealed

Looked after children, Politics, Professionalism

England’s Independent Review of Children’s Social Care has officially launched with the naming of its experts by experience group. It was today (1 March) announced that work is “underway” as chair Josh MacAlister revealed the review’s new website and Twitter account as well as the names of 16 people successfully appointed to the experts by experience group.

Children and Young People Now

01/03/2021: New measures added to Domestic Abuse legislation

Domestic Abuse, Politics

Work with offenders on three important new amendments. Women’s campaigners have fought a long and hard campaign to ensure that the Domestic Abuse Bill has the powers it needs to protect victims of domestic abuse. The Bill was first promised by the Government almost four years ago, it started its progress through parliament only to fall because of the pressures of Brexit and the 2019 general election. The Bill was reintroduced to parliament last March and will start its report stage next week. However, it does appear that the co-ordinated campaign has been successful in many ways.

Work with Offenders

28/02/2021: Counselling service sees rise in caseload

Health, Coronavirus

More counsellors are needed due to the rising number of young people with mental health problems in lockdown, a charity has warned. Bedford Open Door, a service for 13 to 25 year olds, said it needed to “increase capacity to meet demand”. Michele Flynn, operations manager, said they had seen increases in the number of youngsters who were self-harming or had suicidal thoughts.


27/02/2021: Doctors fear new child mental health crisis in UK, made worse by Covid

Health, Coronavirus

A surge in child mental health cases is expected to emerge as schools reopen next week, amid warnings of a “crisis on top of a crisis” hitting vulnerable children during the pandemic. Paediatricians, psychologists and charitable groups providing mental health support all told the Observer they were seeing increasing demand and warned of another surge as lockdown is lifted. Several reported longer waiting lists for young people in need of help.


27/02/2021: How we’ve made wellbeing a taught subject in our school

Education, Health

Wellbeing is often spoken of as a priority – but here one leader explains how her school has embedded it in its curriculum. When we planned for the opening of our new school, I and the founders wanted wellbeing to be something embedded throughout the school, not just as an ethos but as a taught subject – and at all ages.

Times Education Supplement

26/02/2021: New £20m fund focuses on keeping children out of justice system

Politics, Youth Justice

A new £20m investment from the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) will be used to evaluate programmes aimed at keeping children out of the criminal justice system. The fund is the first of two £20m pots created following a four-month consultation with young people with lived experience of violence and professionals working with them.

Children and Young People Now

26/02/2021: Anti-racism toolkit launched by leadership group

Diversity, Education, Professionalism

The Black FE Leadership Group has launched a 10-point tool kit to inform, guide and challenge further education providers to tackle racism and promote diversity, inclusivity and equality across the sector. The group wants the toolkit to be used by education providers and governing organisations across the FE sector, including the Department for Education and the Education and Skills Funding Agency, as well as member organisations such as the Association of Colleges and the Association of Employment and Learning Providers.

Times Education Supplement

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01/03/2021 : Children and Young People’s Mental Health Summit 2021

We are bringing together leading mental health experts to equip you with the understanding, skills and confidence to support good mental health and . . . wellbeing for all children and young people during these difficult times, and for all times.
Online | Details

18/03/2021 : Online Safety Live England

The UK Safer Internet Centre are delivering a FREE 90-minute virtual Online Safety briefing via Microsoft Teams. Open to all professionals who work . . . with children and young people, this event will give you the latest in online safety research, legislation, technology, tools and resources along with exclusive access to the presentation and resource materials.
Online | Details

18/03/2021 : Online Safety Live England (Afternoon)

The UK Safer Internet Centre are delivering a FREE 90-minute virtual Online Safety briefing via Microsoft Teams. Open to all professionals who work . . . with children and young people, this event will give you the latest in online safety research, legislation, technology, tools and resources along with exclusive access to the presentation and resource materials.
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Policing in the Classroom Evaluation Report

Research project in partnership with National Police Chief’s Council and the PSHE association highlighting the significant benefits of enabling . . . training officers to deliver lessons in schools on key issues
View document (PDF)

Still not safe

This report shows that the vast majority of Local Authorities do not have a sufficient grip on the drivers for youth violence in their areas, nor do . . . they have a cogent strategy to reduce risk factors in vulnerable cohorts. Most were not tracking local school exclusions – widely acknowledged as a trigger for a significant escalation of risk for children. Drug misuse is also a key risk factor for gang exploitation, however the numbers of children accessing drug treatment has fallen by 41% nationally.
View document (PDF)

Keeping children safe in education (2020): Statutory guidance for schools and colleges

Update – January 2021 (Post EU Exit). This is statutory guidance from the Department for Education (the department) issued under Section 175 of the . . . Education Act 2002, the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014, and the Non-Maintained Special Schools (England) Regulations 2015. Schools and colleges in England must have regard to it when carrying out their duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. For the purposes of this guidance children includes everyone under the age of 18.
View document (PDF)

Young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing

Over recent years there has been an improved understanding of the importance of good emotional and mental health, alongside growing concern about the . . . apparently increasing prevalence of mental health problems in society. Children’s mental and emotional health is understood to be a major issue – because of the number of children who experience problems; the potential impacts of this on health, education and longer- term outcomes; and the strong association between mental health problems in childhood and in adulthood.
View document (PDF)

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy

The Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy sets out our whole-system response to all forms of child sexual abuse. This strategy is the first of its kind . . . in setting out the government’s vision for preventing, tackling and responding to child sexual abuse in all its forms, whether it is committed in person or online, in families or communities, here in this country or overseas.
View document (PDF)

Useful Links

The Breck Foundation

The Breck Foundation campaigns for a safer internet for all children and young people – whether they are gaming, communicating on social media, using . . . apps or taking part in any other internet-based activity.

The Ben Kinsella Trust

We are one of the leading anti-knife crime charities in the UK, set up following the tragic murder of Ben Kinsella in 2008. Our vision is of a society . . . where no family or community suffers the loss of a life to knife crime. We are a young person’s charity and we believe in prevention through education. We adopt a universal and early intervention approach aimed at preventing young people from making the wrong choices and helping them to stay safe.

Young Carers in Schools Programme

Young Carers in Schools is a free initiative that makes it as easy as possible for schools to support young carers, and awards good practice. Run . . . jointly by Carers Trust and The Children’s Society, the Young Carers in Schools (YCiS) programme works with schools across England to share good practice, provide relevant tools and training, and to celebrate the great outcomes that many schools achieve for young carers. Due to the increased pressures of Covid-19, now is a crucial time to be implementing support for young carers in school.

The For Baby’s Sake Trust

We campaign and share expertise on improving life-chances. We call on government not to waste the precious time when babies’ brains are developing and . . . parents want help to break cycles of domestic abuse and related traumatic adversities. We empower expectant parents with what they need to break the cycle of domestic abuse and give their baby the best possible start in life, especially by helping them to come to terms with trauma and adversity in their own childhoods.

Teen Talk South West

National Lottery funded chatline for teens aged 12-19 in the South West. Call us from 4pm-8pm, Monday-Friday on 01752 270024. During this uncertain . . . time, you can call us for a simple chat or for some revision guidance, no concern is ever too small!