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14/11/2019: One in 50 ‘children in need’ are not yet born

Almost one in 50 of those officially classified as “children in need” in England have not yet been born. More than 7,000 of such vulnerable children have been put into this category before their . . . birth, an analysis of government figures shows. The number of “unborn” recorded in the total of vulnerable children has almost trebled in the last eight years. The most common concerns were neglect or abuse – and that children were being born into “dysfunctional families”.

14/11/2019: Teen Instagrammers open up on mental health chat

Two teenagers have set up an online initiative hoping to persuade more young people to talk openly about mental health. Harry Johnson, 19, from Stoke-on-Trent, and Samuel Starmer, 17, from Congleton, . . . run The Compassion Initiative via social media platforms. Harry, who presents the videos, said setting up the programme had helped to save his life.

13/11/2019: E-cigarettes may damage blood vessels in the BRAIN, scientists find as they call on countries to BAN the controversial vaping devices

E-cigarettes could damage blood vessels in the brain and countries should consider banning them, scientists have warned. Tests on humans and mice has suggested vaping stiffens the arteries and speeds . . . up the heart, raising blood pressure and risking brain damage. It also produces a chemical which forces a naturally-occurring enzyme in the body to trigger internal tissue damage, German researchers say.
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13/11/2019: Thirty years on, has the Children Act changed family life for the better?

The Children Act was a culmination of many years’ preparation following dissatisfaction around children’s legislation. It brought together private and public law affecting children, and reinforced the . . . principle that the welfare of the child must be paramount and their interests separately considered: this critical concept that children are not possessions. They actually have rights of their own.

13/11/2019: Hundreds of people with autism wrongly being detained in mental health units

Hundreds of people with a learning disability and/or autism (LDA) are being held in mental health units even though they have been identified as no longer needing inpatient care. According to analysis . . . by Sky News of published NHS data, 635 of the 2,250 with an LDA currently detained in one of these units could be moved to community-based care.

13/11/2019: Food banks: Charity hands out highest-ever number of emergency parcels

More people than ever are being forced to go to food banks, with more than a third of emergency parcels going to children, a charity has warned. The Trussell Trust, which runs a network of food banks . . . across the UK, said it has given out more than 820,000 emergency food parcels in the last six months. Data shows that April to September 2019 was the busiest six-month period in the trust’s network since the charity opened.

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16/11/2019 : Working effectively with developmental trauma disorder and highly defended children and teenagers
This conference addresses how to help children and young people who are highly defended and do not trust anyone anymore. By and large these are . . . children who have been catastrophically let down, hurt and/or betrayed by the people who are supposed to care for them. Some then switch off from the world of people, move into cold, cut off states, re-victimising others as they themselves have been treated. This often leads to the diagnosis of ‘callous traits’ without anyone asking ‘what has happened to him?’ Others live a largely isolated existence preferring to relate to computers or other objects. All these coping mechanisms come with a cost to emotional and physical health.

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18/11/2019 : Road Safety Week
Road Safety Week runs from November 18th to November 24th. The week, organised by ‘Brake’, a road safety charity, is an annual event and the biggest . . . road safety awareness event in the UK. You can register with Brake to run a road safety event, and they will send you an electronic action pack to aid you in your event. During Road Safety Week, thousands of organisations, schools and communities take part, with road safety demonstrations, events, awareness video screenings, talks and more. Each year the event has a theme.

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25/11/2019 : White Ribbon Day
White Ribbon Day is held on November 25th, also known as the International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women , and is an annual day to . . . raise awareness of family violence. The day is run by the White Ribbon Campaign.

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Keeping children safe in education (Sept 19)
This is statutory guidance from the Department for Education (the department) issued under Section 175 of the Education Act 2002, the Education . . . (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014, and the Non-Maintained Special Schools (England) Regulations 2015. Schools and colleges in England must have regard to it when carrying out their duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. For the purposes of this guidance children includes everyone under the age of 18.
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The Annual Bullying Survey 2019
This year, we are celebrating our seventh annual edition of this crucial body of evidence; documenting the true extent and nature of bullying . . . behaviours from the real and often unheard voices of the young people who experience it. Our research continues to influence policy and innovation within the anti-bullying sector; whilst empowering educators and various other stakeholders to make more informed decisions in the prevention of bullying.
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Creating opportunity for all: our vision for alternative provision
This sets out how government will transform alternative provision to make sure these education settings provide high-quality teaching and an education . . . that meets the individual needs of all children, regardless of their circumstances.
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Build Sound Minds
We all have ups and downs in life. But as a parent, you can help your child feel ready to cope with life’s challenges when they arise. Build Sound . . . Minds is a campaign for improving young people’s emotional wellbeing. We offer advice on how to support your child – and look after yourself.

Min your Way
Information for professionals or volunteers working with young people. This site has been designed by young people, and is primarily for young people. . . . If you are looking for advice or support for a young person in Cornwall or IoS please see the Find Support page for local services or visit Your Way.

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