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NEWSLETTER: Youth and Online Safety

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12/12/2019: ‘Children are dropping like flies’: Mother of Britain’s youngest gang victim Jaden Moodie, 14, says drug users are to blame for spate of turf war murders

The mother of Britain’s youngest gang victim has called on people to ask themselves if taking drugs is worth it as children are ‘dropping like flies’. Jaden Moodie, 14, was said to have been ‘groomed’ . . . by a drug gang before he was targeted by rival Mali Boys in east London in January. His mother, Jada Bailey, has now called on people to question if taking drugs is worth it and has said there are lots of people to blame for his death including the ‘groomers’ and the ‘dealers’.
Daily Mail

12/12/2019: NHS ‘over-diagnosing’ children having transgender treatment, former staff warn

The NHS is “over-diagnosing” children having medical treatment for gender dysphoria, with psychologists unable to properly assess patients over fears they will be branded “transphobic”, former staff . . . have warned. Thirty five psychologists have resigned from the children’s gender-identity service in London in the last three years, Sky News research suggests.

11/12/2019: Guidance on removing newborns planned to tackle inconsistent practice and legal knowledge gaps

Social workers will receive new guidance on removing newborn babies in child protection cases after a review found inconsistent practice and legal knowledge gaps. Reviews of research and case law . . . published today found a lack of time being dedicated to pre-birth assessments, meaning parents were not given sufficient time to make changes that would potentially avoid care proceedings, and failures to follow due process leading to injustice.
Community Care

11/12/2019: YouTube bans ‘malicious insults and veiled threats’

YouTube will no longer allow videos that “maliciously insult someone” based on “protected attributes” such as race, gender identity or sexuality. The video-sharing platform will also ban “implied . . . threats of violence” as part of its new harassment policy. A row erupted in June after a prominent video-maker said he had been the target of abuse by another YouTube star.

11/12/2019: Babies in wealthy areas expected to have up to 19 more years of good health than those in poorer ones

Inequalities in healthy life expectancy across the UK have been laid bare by new figures which show babies born in wealthy southern areas can expect to live up to 19 years longer than those born in . . . poorer northern places. Data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that a girl born in Nottingham between 2016 and 2018 could expect as few as 54 years of good health, compared with 72 for a girl born in Wokingham.

11/12/2019: How to help students at risk of self-harming

Heidi Drake used to self-harm when she was at school – here she tells teachers the signs to look out for and how to help. As a teenager, I started cutting myself. My school didn’t know what to make of . . . me; let alone what to do to support me. In an interview with the head of Years 10 and 11, about why I was behind on my coursework, I mentioned that I was depressed.
Times Education Supplement

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20/01/2020 : Child Protection Training – Group 2 Awareness in Safeguarding
‘Awareness in Safeguarding’ is to increase awareness and confidence building in respect of identification, responding, recording and reporting . . . processes involved in child protection. It will also raise awareness of legislation, attitudes & values and blocks & challenges in safeguarding.

Barnstaple |  From £25.00 | Details

25/01/2020 : How to respond to children and teenagers suffering from depression and anxiety
Experts will explore causes of depression and anxiety in children and young people as opposed to simply being able to recognise symptoms and ‘refer . . . on’. Many child professionals feel de-skilled when faced with what appears to be ongoing relentless anxiety states and/or futility in children and young people. Many of whom who have lost all hope in a better life. Yet being able to sit with a child in despair or in catastrophic phantasising is vital. So this day will focus on how to be and what to say, showing that empathic listening, understanding, coupled with emotional regulation all in the context of relationship with a trusted adult can do so much. The conference includes moving audio-visual input demonstrating narrative competence (being able to respond effectively to the child’s story) resulting in the child moving into health.

London |  £183.00 | Details

30/01/2020 : Young Carers Awareness
Each year Carers Trust organises Young Carers Awareness Day. The purpose of the day is to raise public awareness of the challenges faced by young . . . people because of their caring role, and to campaign for greater support for young carers and their needs.

| Details

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Learning about online sexual harm
This research was commissioned by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (the Inquiry),1 as part of its investigation into institutional . . . responses to child sexual abuse and exploitation facilitated by the internet.
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Snapchat: Privacy & Safety Checklist (Updated November 2019)
The checklist holds information on how to keep your Snapchat profile under your control. The Snapchat Checklist quickly answers those common questions . . . about your profile such as how can I stay in control, how do I find all my friends, how do I block and delete and ow do I report a problem?
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Childline Annual Review 2018/19
The Annual Review shows Childline delivered 4,500 counselling sessions around child sexual exploitation in 2018/19 – a 16% increase on the previous . . . year.1 The youngest child was just 9. In more than a third of counselling sessions about child sexual exploitation young people said they were targeted online – usually through social media or video games, and often by their peers or people they knew.
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Disrespect Nobody (Home Office)
The Disrespect Nobody campaign from the Home Office focuses on healthy relationships. There is a website with information about sexting, relationship . . . abuse, consent, rape, pornography, and where to get help. There are also videos about sexting, relationship abuse and consent. The videos are animated but suitable for young people and try to be practical and humorous. The videos come with closed captions and can be accessed here.

No Knives Better Lives
NKBL further supports knife crime prevention work via the NKBL Network, which provides opportunities for learning, one-to-one communication between . . . partners and practitioners, and information and good practice sharing. The NKBL Network also operates to maintain a stream of feedback from our partners and others that is used shape the future of No Knives, Better Lives.

With advice from Action for Children’s under-fives team. We’ll also signpost you to local services, and the best parenting apps and websites we can . . . find.

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