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15/10/2019: Home education a ‘huge undertaking for parents’ – Ofsted
Home education for many families is not a preferred choice but a last resort amid a breakdown in relationships with schools, Ofsted inspectors have warned. . . . Research by Ofsted found special needs, problems with a child’s behaviour or wellbeing were the most common reasons. England’s schools watchdog says parents need better advice about the cost and responsibilities of home educating and should be made aware of alternatives.
15/10/2019: Career ambitions ‘already limited by age of seven’
By the age of seven, children are already facing limits on their future aspirations in work, according to a report from the OECD international economics think . . . tank. Andreas Schleicher, the OECD’s director of education and skills, says “talent is being wasted” because of ingrained stereotyping about social background, gender and race.
15/10/2019: Vaping: ‘I’m 17, and rarely ID’d for e-cigs’
Almost 40% of sellers targeted by councils in England have been caught illegally allowing children to buy e-cigarette products, a report has found. Ninety of . . . the 227 premises tested sold vaping goods to under-age teenagers in 2018-19, data from 34 councils showed. Trading Standards – which compiled the research – has called for greater resources to enforce the law.
15/10/2019: Parents ‘home school’ truants to escape fines
Parents are claiming their children are home-schooled to dodge fines for truancy. Families can be charged £60 if a pupil skips school without permission. . . . Failure to pay can lead to prosecution and even jail. An Ofsted report has found that the threat of fines and court encourages some parents to pull out of formal schooling altogether.
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15/10/2019: Pupils being propelled out of school system ‘in space of a day’
Pupils in England are being propelled out of schools and into home education, sometimes in the space of a single day, with little or no discussion beforehand . . . and often without consulting the child, according a report by the schools watchdog.
15/10/2019: Education sector yet to learn lessons of #MeToo, critics say
Just over three years ago, a report by the Commons women and equalities committee uncovered the alarming scale of sexual harassment and sexual violence in . . . schools across England. It began in primary school, where girls were too scared to wear skirts in case their pants were pulled down, and continued through secondary school, where girls had their bottoms slapped, skirts flicked, were called names, bullied over nude pictures shared on social media, assaulted and raped.
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27/11/2019 : Safeguarding Training for Charity Trustees & Members of Voluntary & Community Sector Management Committees
The 100 Club, Exeter |  £20 for VOYC members | Details

20/01/2020 : Child Protection Training – Group 2 Awareness in Safeguarding
Barnstaple |  From £25.00 | Details


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Representing looked-after children at the police station: a step-by-step guide for lawyers
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Guess how much we love you – Why politicians urgently need to help our children (A Manifesto for Children)
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