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Children in care targeted by county lines gangs (13/08/2019)
Criminal gangs are targeting children in care, some as young as 12, in towns and cities many miles from home – the phenomenon known as county lines. Police say . . . they are struggling to deal with the scale of the problem.
Deaths by suicide and drugs highest among Generation X (13/08/2019)
People born in the 1960s and 70s stand out as the generation most likely to die by suicide or drug poisoning, data for England and Wales shows. The higher rate . . . of fatalities began in the 1980s and 90s when people belonging to Generation X were in their 20s, and is still occurring in the now middle-aged cohort, says the Office for National Statistics. Public Health England says the trend overlaps with patterns of heroin use.
All ‘children’s homes’ should be regulated to keep children safe (12/08/2019)
The issues surrounding unregulated and unregistered children’s homes have dominated news headlines recently. These homes have always existed, but there is . . . mounting concern over their accelerating growth, especially because they often care for the most vulnerable.
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Social services: Child in care lived in 57 different places (09/08/2019)
A child lived in 57 different places while in contact with social services, according to “troubling” research into the care system. More than 200 children in . . . one area were studied over 10 years by a team led by Cardiff University’s Dr Sophie Hallett. She found children were moved nine times on average and saw seven different social workers.
Asthma deaths: ‘My son collapsed like a flick of a switch’ (09/08/2019)
Deaths from asthma in England and Wales are the highest they have been in more than a decade, according to analysis of official data. More than 1,400 adults and . . . children died from asthma attacks in 2018 – that’s 2.5 people out of every 100,000. The charity Asthma UK said too many lives were being cut short by a lack of basic care, such as inhaler checks.
Do we think enough about love for children in care? (09/08/2019)
On the 26th April 2019, the first conference organised by those who had experienced the care system was held at Liverpool Hope University. The vision of the . . . conference was two-fold. One, to create a space where the care experienced community could have an opportunity to share their views about being in care. The other, to offer an event which was aspirational and celebrated the many care leavers who had achieved success within their life.
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25/09/2019 : Child protection training – group 2 awareness in safeguarding
The 100 Club, Exeter |  £25.00 for VOYC members | Details

04/10/2019 : Child Protection Training – Group 3 (Designated Safeguarding Officer)
YFC Centre, Cheriton Bishop |  £75.00 for VOYC members | Details

14/10/2019 : Mental Health Awareness Training Workshop for people who teach, work with, care for or live with young people
The 100 Club, Exeter |  £25.00 for VOYC members | Details


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Language that cares – Changing the way professionals talk about Children in Care
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