Exploring risk in relation to gambling lesson pack (Lesson 1)

Key Stage 2
The first lesson, ‘Exploring risk’, is designed for any year group in KS2 and explores pupils’ understanding and assessment of risk in a variety of situations. The lesson enables pupils to reflect on their ideas about risk and develop . . . helpful strategies for managing when risk arises.
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Exploring risk in relation to gambling lesson pack (Lesson 2)

Key Stage 2
The second lesson ‘Chancing it!’, is designed for Year 6 pupils and explores risk in relation to gambling. As young people are increasingly exposed to gambling and gambling-related activity (through gaming, advertising, social media, . . . betting shops, arcades and casinos), it is important that learning about the risks associated with gambling and the effect on wellbeing is included within PSHE education.
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Gambling: Resources for promoting resilience to gambling: Demos and the PSHE Association

Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4
This free resource — recently updated to reflect latest practice and the 2020 version of the PSHE Education Programme of Study for PSHE Education — was produced as part of a collaboration between Demos, the PSHE Association, Mentor and the . . . Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust and was commissioned by GambleAware.
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Gaming or gambling – Schools and organisations

Parents, Professionals

Parent Zone and GambleAware have partnered up to help professionals and families learn about the gambling-like risks children may face when playing online games – and simple, practical ways to keep gaming fun and make it safer.

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How to address gambling through PSHE education

Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4
GambleAware is working in partnership with the PSHE Association to support children and young people to understand, and avoid, risks associated with gambling. The first product of this partnership is a teacher handbook: ‘How to address . . . gambling through PSHE education’.
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Be Gamble Aware

When playing online gambling games, it’s easy to lose track of time and money and get lost in the game. Check out our advice and support to stay in control of your gambling.

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Big Deal?

BigDeal is a place for young people to find information and support related to gambling, either for themselves or for someone they care about.

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YGAM Parent Hub

Whilst the majority of gambling activities are for over 18’s it is still important to educate your children around gambling activities including Informing parents around gambling activities and legislation, educating parents on gambling influences and the effects of gambling and safeguarding their children by holding conversations with their child and identifying potential harms.


YGAM Student Hub

Welcome to YGAM University and Student Page. This is a page to help you find out more about gaming and gambling and the support available to you if you’re worried about yourself or someone else.



26/09/2022 : What’s It Like Being Addicted To Gambling?
Russell Webster

29/08/2022 : Children of problem gamblers ‘more likely to be bought scratchcards’

18/07/2022 : Gambling addiction: ‘A vicious cycle I couldn’t get out of’

17/07/2022 : UK will not ban video games loot boxes despite problem gambling findings

10/06/2022 : Gambling, Policing & Crime
Russell Webster

Documents and Publications

“Surviving, not living”: Lived experiences of crime and gambling

This report outlines the lived experiences of people in England and Wales who have experienced . . . gambling harms (otherwise referred to as ‘problem gambling’) and have committed gambling-related crime. The research has provided a greater understanding of how gambling harms can be understood, the impact of gambling harms and
the specific experiences of the criminal justice journey.


Young People & Gambling 2020 Technical Report

A research study among 11-16 year olds on behalf of the Gambling Commission. Ipsos MORI, on behalf . . . of the Gambling Commission, has conducted research among 11-16 year olds to identify participation rates in gambling, the prevalence of problem gambling, and to explore gambling behaviour and attitudes among young people. The research has been conducted as part of Ipsos MORI’s annual Young People Omnibus (YPO) for the past seven years and this technical report provides more detail on how the 2020 survey was carried out.

Overlooked: Why we should be doing more to support families and friends affected by someone else’s drinking, drug use or gambling.

This latest research looks at the number of people negatively impacted by someone else’s drinking, . . . drug taking or gambling. In line with our 2019 research which looked at families affected by substance use, Adfam found that 5.5 million people are currently dealing with the negative impacts of a friend or family member’s drinking, drug talking or gambling


Beyond The Bet Podcast

This podcast has been produced by the Gambling Support Service, a project delivered by 12 Citizens Advice offices across . . . England & Wales. Often considered as the ‘silent’ or ‘hidden’ addiction, Beyond The Bet provides listeners with engaging and educational content around the subject of gambling. If you are a frontline worker, someone struggling with a gambling addiction or simply interested in gambling as a concept, then you are in the right place.
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Podcast: Reducing the odds of gambling harm through PSHE

In this episode of PSHE Talks, Sam is joined by Subject Specialists Anne Bell and Sally Martin, and Dr Elly Hanson — an . . . independent clinical psychologist who’s been coordinating the Association’s work researching PSHE’s role in gambling harm prevention work. Together they discuss the wider context for this work and explore the current trends around gambling harms and young people. Sally and Anne recall some of the points that were raised in the teacher focus groups they led on the topic and give an overview of the new lesson suite on exploring risk in relation to gambling for primary schools. All three of our guests give their unique insight into what they believe schools should be covering on this topic and consider different ways teachers can be effective in the classroom.


Gambling Awareness for Professionals

Gambling awareness course for professionals, volunteers and frontline staff. This course looks at what gambling is, how . . . to identify someone affected by gambling harm as well as the risks, hidden harms and gambling support services available. 18+ only
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Gambling Awareness for Young People

Gambling awareness course for young people aged 11-19 years old (content aimed at Key Stages 4 and 5 – but available to . . . all ages). This course looks at different types of gambling activities and the law, what problem gambling looks like and how to spot the signs and how to stay safe when gambling.
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Understanding and responding to gambling harms: A brief guide for professionals

This free online learning course has been developed in collaboration GambleAware. Our online course will provide useful . . . guidance for people who want to provide brief interventions to address risks and harms related to gambling disorders. The course also contains an optional topic for organisational leaders wishing to set up and implement the processes necessary to support their employees to provide intervention in the workplace.
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