Restorative Justice

The Safe Schools & Communities Team is accredited with the Restorative Justice Council.

We are committed to delivering quality restorative practices adhering to the RJC Trainers Code. (


Restorative Conversations

Duration: 1 day(s)
Cost: £350

Aimed at: Professionals working with young people

  • To increase staff’s knowledge of restorative practices and explore appropriate situations where they can be used.  
  • Participants will have an understanding of the questions used in Restorative conversations and the characteristics behind them.
  • A raised awareness of the situations where restorative practices may be applied and enhance their ability to effectively manage conflict.
  • Reflecting on both personal and professional experiences of hurt/harm.
  • Recognition of feelings and needs of all involved.
  • A basic understanding of the principles of Restorative Justice.
  • The use of role play to enhance learning and confidence in the use of questions.

Restorative – 3 day course

Duration: 3 day(s)
Cost: £2500 in-house or £250 per person

Aimed at: Professionals working with young people

  • Following this course participants will understand the principles that underpin restorative practices.
  • To be able to assess the suitability of a restorative conference and the need to risk-assess each conference individually.
  • To recognise the importance of, and how to prepare participants for a conference.
  • Managing the expectations of conference attendees.
  • The use of a script for acknowledged and unacknowledged harm. (Supported by the use of role play).
  • Seating plans.
  • How to facilitate and evaluate a conference.  
  • Continuous constructive feedback to support the individual’s learning experience throughout the course.
  • Reflection and discussion on how and when restorative practices can be used within participant’s professional role.
  • After completion of this course staff can opt to become an accredited RJ facilitator through the Restorative Justice Council. 

In-house £2500 for up to 20 staff, or attendance on a SSCT hosted course at a cost of £250 per person – please contact our office for scheduled training events.

* Cost per session if delivered on same day as other products