Qualification In Education And Training

Following the one day school training course in March, you are invited to enrol for the AET course. This accredited  5-week course requires the following:

  • staff to  have completed the initial one-day course in March (or equivalent)
  • A commitment of 2.5 hours per week to attend the online session
  • An additional 2.5 hours per week self-study

The course is due to commence weeks starting

  • 09/11/22 – 07/12/22 (0900 – 1200) Wednesdays
  • 11/11/22 – 09/12/22 (093 0- 1200) Fridays

To enrol in this course, click on the registration tab and complete the online form. We will advise staff ASAP to advise that they have been accepted on to the course.

EU Funding

As this training is being funded by the EU, you will notice in the registration below, that you will be expected to show your passport as proof of identification. This is mandatory and we will do this by holding two online sessions (Teams meetings) where an overview of the training will be provided and you will be asked to present your passport. On the registration form below, please select which of the registration settings you are able to attend.

AET Education training (Nov 2022)

AET Education training (Nov 2022)


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