Preventing extremism

Part of the role of the police is to prevent acts of extremism. Although thankfully rare, Devon and Cornwall Police support the national drive in preventing acts of terror.

This video explains what Prevent is and how it is implemented.

Preventing extremism is an important part of a policing. The impact of a terrorist attack can be significant and devastating. What may surprise you is that for everyday policing, there are a number of simple behaviours to learn. Police officers are trained to identify suspicious activity.

If an officer finds a suspicious object, they follow these simple rules:

  • Does the object belong to anyone nearby?
  • If it doesn’t, we need to apply the ‘HOT’ protocol…


  • Has it been concealed or hidden from view?
  • Bombs are unlikely to be left in locations such as this – where any unattended item will be noticed quickly.

Obviously suspicious?

  • Does it have wires, circuit boards, batteries, tape or putty-like substances?
  • Do you think the item poses an immediate threat to life?


  • Is the item typical of what you would expect to find in this location?
  • Most lost property is found in locations where people congregate.

Welcome to the train station. Can you find the suspicious objects and apply the HOT protocol? Click on the objects when you find them.

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