Tech Clossary



143I love you
182I hate you
4EAEFor ever and ever
ADNAny day now
AFAIKAs far as I know
AFKAway from keyboard
ATMAt the moment
BFNBye for now
BOLBe on later
BRBBe right back
BTWBy the way
CD9Code 9 (means parents are around)
CTNCan’t talk now
DWBHDon’t worry, be happy
F2FFace to face
FTFFace to face
FWBFriends with benefits
FYEOFor your eyes only
GALGet a life
GLHFGood luck, have fun
GTGGot to go
GYPOGet your pants off
HAKHugs and kisses
HANDHave a nice day
HTHHope this helps
HTHHappy to help
IDKI don’t know
IIRCIf I remember correctly
IKRI know, right?
ILUI love you
ILUI Love You
ILYI love you
IMInstant message
IMHOIn my honest opinion
IMHOIn my humble opinion
IMOIn my opinion
IRLIn real life
IU2UIt’s up to you
IWSNI want sex now
IYKWIMIf you know what I mean
J/KJust kidding
J4FJust for fun
JICJust in case
JSYKJust so you know
KFYKiss for you
KOTLKiss On The Lips
KPCKeeping parents clueless
LMAOLaugh my ass off
LMBOLaughing my butt off
LMIRLLet’s meet in real life
LMIRLLet’s Meet In Real Life
LMKLet me know
LOLLaugh out loud
MIRLMeet in real life
MOSMum over shoulder
NAGINot a good idea
NIFOCNude in front of computer
NIFOCNude In Front Of The Computer
NMNever mind
NMUNot much, you?
NPNo problem
NTSNote to self
OICOh I see
OMGOh my God
ORLYOh, really?
OTOff topic
OTPOn the phone
P911Parent alert
P999Parent Alert
PALParents Are Listening or Peace And Love
PAWParents are watching
PCMPlease call me
PIRParent in room
PLZPlease call me
POSParents over shoulder
PTBPlease text back
QQCrying (produces an emoticon in text; often used sarcastically)
RAKRandom act of kindness
RLReal life
ROFLRolling on the floor laughing
RU/18Are You Over 18?
RUOKAre you okay?
SadfishingUsed to describe someone’s attempt to attract attention, sympathy or hook an audience through posting online about an emotional problem.
SMHShaking my head
SOSSomeone over shoulder
SSDDSame s**t, different day
SWAKSealed with a kiss
SWYPSo, what’s your problem?
SYSSee you soon
TBCTo be continued
TDTMTalk dirty to me
TIMETears in my eyes
TMIToo much information
TTYLTalk to you later
TUThank you
TYThank you
VSFVery sad face
WBWelcome back
WTHWhat the heck?
WTHWhat the hell?
WTPAWhere the party at?
WYCMWill you call me?
WYCMWill you call me?
WYRNWhat’s Your Real Name?
YGMYou’ve got mail
YOLOYou only live once
YWYou’re welcome
ZOMGOh my God (sarcastic)
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