Mini Police

Welcome to the Mini Police

The Mini police is a fun and innovative police engagement programme aimed at children in year 6 of primary school. The objective is to provide a fun and interactive way to introduce children to a positive experience of policing and to get them involved in the local community. The wider aims include building trust and with communities, promoting responsible citizenship, and a sense of social responsibility, improving relationships between the police and young people.

What we do

  • Community engagement activities

  • School Presentations

  • Wear our Mini Police uniforms

  • Learn about issues that impact our communities

The programme

The structured programme is run across 6-7 weeks and includes the following elements

Week One: Who we are

Week Two: Learning about our community

Week Three: Planning our community activity

Week Four: Working in the community

Week Five: Planning our school assembly

Week Six: School assembly

Week Seven: Surprise activity

Get involved

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