06/11/2021: Early Trauma

This is a hybrid course delivery of both fact to face at Apsley House and online. I was once asked: “How you can help with early trauma when by its very nature it is inaccessible to the client?” This is a great question and holds true for most trauma and in particular early trauma. I was also asked: “Is EMDR the only way to treat trauma and early trauma?”


16/10/2021: Understanding Addictions

A one-year CPD course, aimed at professionals who come across addictions in their line of work (counsellors, social workers, police, probation, health professionals, etc). The course will take place on Saturday per month for 9 months.


12/10/2021: Safer Recruitment Training

This Devon Children & Families Partnership approved awareness raising training has been specifically designed for organisations working in the voluntary and community sector and also private sector, and will cover important issues such as: Who needs DBS Checks? Effective Staff Induction, Supervision and Appraisal, Legislation and Policy, Reporting Concerns Best Practice


08/10/2021: #HelloYellow

Join thousands of schools, offices and communities on Friday 8 Oct by taking part in #HelloYellow and raising vital funds to support our work. Dig out your neon socks, custard scarf and banana hat – let’s show young people they’re not alone with their mental health!


08/10/2021: Child Protection Training – Group 5 (Designated Safeguarding Officer)

This Devon Children & Young Families Partnership recognised Group 5 training is for the not for profit children and young people’s workforce who have particular responsibilities in relation to advising and supporting other staff (paid/unpaid) who may have safeguarding concerns, who have the responsibility to receive and refer safeguarding information. This also includes self-employed ‘stand-alone’ practitioners who do not work within an organisation (ie childminders, private tutors, etc). Online or Face to Face (to be confirmed)


29/09/2021: Child Protection Training – Group 2 (Awareness in Safeguarding)

‘Awareness in Safeguarding’ is to increase awareness and confidence building in respect of identification, responding, recording and reporting processes involved in child protection. This Devon Children & Families Partnership recognised training will also raise awareness of legislation, attitudes & values and blocks & challenges in safeguarding.


29/09/2021: Online Safety Day

Online Safety Day returns for 2021! This annual online event is aimed primarily at professionals working with children in the UK. The two-hour session will include segments from David Wright (Director of UK Safer Internet Centre) and representatives from OFSTED, Internet Matters, The Diana Award & Facebook


29/09/2021: Pupil Mental Health: Effective Practice to Ensure Wellbeing

The mental health and wellbeing of students was a significant priority for schools before the Covid-19 pandemic. This agenda has now become an essential element of recovery work. The 2021/22 academic year will bring many challenges for the wellbeing of pupils as we continue our recovery from the pandemic and begin to deal with the aftermath of national lockdowns and social restrictions – schools are already reporting an increase in mental health and safeguarding referrals, interventions and support needs.


23/09/2021: Extremists using video-game chats to spread hate

Extremists are using mainstream video games and gaming chat platforms to spread hate, BBC Click has found. Over three months, researchers found anti-Semitism, racism and homophobia on platforms, including DLive and Odysee, where users stream and chat about games such as Call of Duty and Minecraft. Campaigners say including extremist narratives among everyday conversations can be a pathway to radicalisation.

Source: BBC

21/09/2021: Children face ‘agonising’ waits for mental health care

Children struggling with mental health problems during the pandemic are facing “agonisingly” long waits for treatment, a BBC investigation has found. Data from half of England’s specialist child mental health services found one in five youngsters seen since Covid hit waited longer than 12 weeks for care. The numbers still waiting also appear to be rising sharply.

Source: BBC

21/09/2021: Twitch hate raids: Minority streamers have ‘a target on their back’

“I’ve been told to kill myself, called the T-slur for trans people, the F-slur for gay people and misgendered numerous times.” You might have seen hashtags like #DoBetterTwitch or #ADayOffTwitch trending over the past few weeks and months. It’s because of the flood of abuse that streamers, mainly from minority or marginalised communities are receiving on games streaming platform Twitch.

Source: BBC

21/09/2021: Young people ‘at risk of repeat homelessness’ if £20 Universal Credit uplift cut, charities warn

Cutting the £20-a-week Universal Credit increase will put young people at risk of repeat homelessness, more than 40 charities have warned. They have written a letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak urging him not to remove the Universal Credit (UC) uplift at the end of the month. Led by Centrepoint and End Youth Homelessness, the letter says the increase has been a “lifeline” after it was temporarily introduced to help claimants during the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Sky

20/09/2021: The Role Of The Internet In Radicalising Extremists

The MoJ has just (16 September 2021) published new research “Exploring the role of the Internet in radicalisation and offending of convicted extremists.” Authored by Jonathan Kenyon, Jens Binder and Christopher Baker-Beall, the aim of the study was to establish the role of the Internet in radicalisation processes and offending of those convicted of extremist offences in England and Wales by comparing radicalisation pathways across 3 groups: those who primarily radicalised online; those who primarily radicalised offline; and those radicalised through both online and offline influences.

Source: Russell Webster

20/09/2021: Early baby therapy could reduce autism diagnoses

Training parents how to respond to babies showing early signs of autism could reduce by two-thirds the number of three-year-olds meeting the criteria for diagnosis, a small study suggests. Improvement on this scale has never been shown before, the UK and Australian researchers say. The first two years are critical for brain development – but most autism diagnoses are made at the age of three.

Source: BBC

20/09/2021: Autism therapy aimed at infants may reduce likelihood of later diagnosis

Doctors have shown for the first time that a new therapy aimed at infants can reduce autistic behaviour and the likelihood the children will go on to be diagnosed with autism before they reach school age. Infants who received the therapy after displaying early signs of potential autism, such as avoiding eye contact and not responding to their name, were one-third as likely to have autism diagnosed at the age of three, compared with those who had standard care, the researchers found.

Source: Guardian

19/09/2021: Child poverty now costs Britain £38bn a year, says new independent report

The findings, to be released in the next few days, will add to concerns over government plans to end the £20-a-week uplift for universal credit, as MPs of all parties voice concerns that a cut will hit low-income families with children particularly hard. The new research, by Professor Donald Hirsch of Loughborough University, is the third study of its kind he has conducted over the past 15 years.

Source: Guardian

18/09/2021: ‘It takes too long to get support’: alarm over rising primary school exclusions

Sam Bates was excluded from school for the first time when he was five years old. After moving into year 1, he struggled to sit still, became frustrated with staff and pushed chairs over. He was sent home for one day and was then allowed back for only two hours a day, separated from his classmates, with a teaching assistant. From there, things unravelled.

Source: Guardian

18/09/2021: ‘I felt my body wasn’t good enough’: teenage troubles with Instagram

Internal research by Facebook that found its Instagram app worsens body image issues for young users has been leaked, revealing how aware the social media giant is of its product’s effect on mental health. According to leaked documents, research by the company over the last two years has consistently found that the photo-sharing platform is harmful to a large proportion of its users – particularly teenage girls.

Source: Guardian

17/09/2021: Will Quince replaces Vicky Ford as children and families minister

Former minister for welfare delivery Will Quince has replaced Vicky Ford as children and families minister as part of the Prime Minister’s cabinet reshuffle. During his time at the Department for Work and Pensions, Quince, MP for Colchester, previously took responsibility for policies on the management and delivery of benefits including housing benefits and universal credit, benefits support for disadvantaged groups and poverty.

Source: Children and Young People Now

16/09/2021: Nadhim Zahawi announced as education secretary

Nadhim Zahawi has been appointed the new education secretary for England – replacing Gavin Williamson in the Cabinet reshuffle. Mr Zahawi leaves his previous post as the minister responsible for the Covid vaccines roll-out.

Source: BBC