19/07/2022: County Lines Conference

Westminster Insight’s established and successful bi-annual County Lines Conference supports this evolving picture, bringing to you the most innovative initiatives, successful collaborations, and impactful multi-agency partnerships to help tackle County Lines. We will spotlight how county lines gangs work and who they prey upon. Learn about effective police and intelligence-led solutions, and how to tackle the changing operating models used by organised crime groups.


19/07/2022: Tackling Drugs and Substance Misuse Conference 2022

This Conference will provide updates and insights on From Harm to Hope, the Government’s joint-departmental 10-year strategy for tackling drug related crime and reducing related deaths. With £3 billion set to be spent in the next three years on various aspects of the new strategy, following recommendations from the two-part independent review by Professor Dame Carol Black, there has never been a more important time for agencies involved in prevention and treatment services to join together with wider stakeholders, including across the criminal justice system and local authorities, and explore how to implement effective approaches that utilise available funding.


21/06/2022: Fighting Racial Injustice Training: Joint Enterprise, Evidence of Gang Affiliation, Rap & Drill, the Gangs Matrix, US v UK

How to improve the experience, legal representation & outcomes of Black, Brown and Racialised Children in the criminal justice system


20/06/2022: County lines: Inside the complex battle against drug gangs exploiting children

Police waging the relentless battle against dangerous crime gangs often arrest children for drug dealing. The BBC has been given rare access to a new team of prosecutors who have to decide whether these young suspects are criminals or victims. The choices they face are often complex and controversial.

Source: BBC

20/06/2022: Care Review does not go far enough to support care leavers, charity claims

The Care Review does not go far enough to support care leavers’ pathway into society or support their mental health, a charity has said. The Care Leavers’ Association (CLA) said that it is “disappointed” with the final recommendations to the government and that it has “missed the opportunity” to dramatically improve the lives of young people in care and care leavers.

Source: Children and Young People Now

20/06/2022: Ofsted proposes grading councils specifically on care leaver support

Ofsted has proposed to introduce a separate inspection grade for councils on the experiences and progress of care leavers, to increase their profile. The inspectorate said it concluded that its current approach of issuing a single judgment for children in care and care leavers “[had] not maximised the profile of care leavers to the extent we had intended”.

Source: Community Care

18/06/2022: Children stressed and self-harming over UK cost of living crisis

The impact of the cost of living crisis on children has led some to start self-harming, a new report by a leading children’s charity has claimed. According to The Childhood Trust, the impact of money worries for British families has caused 47% of children to feel stressed, while 21% of parents said their children smile less because of the financial squeeze.

Source: Guardian

16/06/2022: Demand for Scouts at highest level since WW2

Demand to join the Scouts has reached the highest level since World War Two, according to the organisation behind the movement. The Scout Association said nearly 90,000 young people across the UK are on current waiting lists. They said an “increased zeal” for the outdoors post-pandemic is behind the surge.

Source: BBC

16/06/2022: Increase in children receiving SEN support, DfE figures show

The number of children receiving support in school for special educational needs (SEN) has increased by 77,000 over the last year, new figures from the Department for Education show. The DfE’s report Special educational needs in England looks at the number of children receiving SEN support both with and without education, health and care plans (EHCP) during the 2021/22 academic year.

Source: Children and Young People Now

15/06/2022: Pupils missing school need more help

Children need more support to get them into school full-time, as mental-health problems surge, a report says. Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are among those currently being let down in England’s schools, the report by children’s commissioner Rachel de Souza says.

Source: BBC

15/06/2022: Latest Research Shows 62% of Schools Have Not Received Cyber-Security Training

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new cyber-security report that looks into how well schools are protected throughout England and Wales. In partnership with the Institute of Cyber Security for Society at the University of Kent and supported by Bitdefender, this report provides an up-to-date review around the current state of cyber-security.

Source: South West Grid for Learning

14/06/2022: Instagram launches new parental controls in UK

Instagram owner Meta is launching new parental controls across the platform in the UK on 14 June. They include the option of setting daily time limits of between 15 minutes and 2 hours, after which a black screen appears on the app. Parents can also schedule break times and see any accounts their child reports, and why they did so.

Source: BBC

14/06/2022: Improved mental health for children who play well with peers by age three

Children who learn to play well with their peers by the age of three are likely to enjoy better mental health later in childhood, according to research from the University of Cambridge.

Source: Guardian

13/06/2022: UK childcare costs soar by more than £2,000 in a decade, TUC says

The cost of childcare has soared over the past decade and is now more than £2,000 a year higher than it was in 2010, according to analysis from the Trades Union Congress (TUC). As people in the UK struggle with the cost of living crisis, parents face some of the highest childcare costs among leading economies, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Source: Guardian

13/06/2022: Call for specialist teams to prevent early childhood trauma

Specialist teams offering “vital” support to vulnerable babies and young children affected by trauma are needed to ease the pressure on health and education providers, a charity says.

Source: Children and Young People Now

10/06/2022: Rising number of children on free school meals

The number of children eligible for free school meals has risen in every English region. Figures from January show 22.5% of pupils now qualify, up from 20.8% a year earlier – an increase of 160,000, to 1.9 million – and 13.6% in 2018.

Source: BBC

10/06/2022: NSPCC says child cruelty offences rose by a quarter in a year

The number of child cruelty offences in England jumped by a quarter last year, according to police data collected by the NSPCC. The child protection charity blames the stress many families felt during the pandemic for the rise, and backs recent high-profile calls for earlier help.

Source: BBC

10/06/2022: ‘Why the evidence does not support multi-agency child protection units’

The Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson review’s call for specialist safeguarding units risks exacerbating a “culture of investigation” that has built up over the past decade, says social work academic Andy Bilson.

Source: Community Care

10/06/2022: Gambling, Policing & Crime

The latest report from the Howard League’s Commission on Crime and gambling related harms published earlier this week (8 June, 2022) looks at Police awareness and practice regarding gambling related harms. The report found that four in 10 police forces in England and Wales are missing opportunities to detect, and therefore deal with, crime linked to gambling because they do not ask about it when interviewing people in custody.

Source: Russell Webster

09/06/2022: Online Safety Live – England (Morning)

The UK Safer Internet Centre are delivering a FREE 90-minute Online Safety update via MS Teams Live. Open to all who work with children and young people, this event will give you the latest in research, legislation, technology, tools and resources along with exclusive access to the presentation and resource materials.