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Most host families are given a set of guidelines explaining what is expected of them during your stay. These should include standards such as reasonable and clean living conditions and the facility to shower or bath daily.
Even though you are staying in someone else’s home you are still entitled to your privacy. However, remember you are a guest in their home. Most host families will have their own house rules, for example if you are asked to back at a certain times please respect the request. Also, always ask before you bring people home with you.
Remember to always ask permission to borrow or use something and never take anything from your host’s home without asking first.

You must tell your tutor or language school if:

  • Anybody behaves in a way you fell is unacceptable
  • Your living or sleeping conditions are not suitable
  • Your food is not suitable
  • You are not allowed home before a given time
  • You feel threatened or afraid for any reason.
  • Should you have any problems or you fell homesick, don’t suffer alone, speak to your tutor.