18/04/2020 : Building the bonds of attachment: awakening love in deeply traumatised children

London | £183.00

Dan Hughes is world-leading practitioner in healing troubled children. On this day he will inspire delegates, by demonstrating his breathtaking way of relating to children. He will speak about how he makes profound connection, not over months and years but from the very first meeting. He will explore how to connect with children who suffer from developmental trauma after years of abuse and neglect. He will demonstrate how to ensure that the child feels psychologically safe in the relationship before addressing painful life events.

19/04/2020 : What teenagers need to know about life in order to live it well

London | £165.00

Margot Sunderland will provide a wealth of vital tools, techniques and knowledge (from neuroscience and psychology) for professionals to help teenagers to live life well, to ‘suffer well’ and rise again if they hit rock bottom. The training is intended to empower teenagers to be able to make informed decisions, instead of living their lives blighted by painful unresolved emotions, living dangerously, failed relationships and body harming.

28/04/2020 : Early Intervention Foundation National Conference 2020 – Putting early intervention at the heart of a children’s agenda

London | TBC

EIF’s major national conference brings together people and voices from across the early intervention sector and all levels of government, commissioning and delivery for a day of learning and knowledge sharing. High-profile keynote speakers will reflect on important changes and trends in the political and policy environment we all work in, while curated panel sessions will tackle a series of challenging questions around the theory, evidence and effective implementation of early intervention.

30/04/2020 : Non-accidental injuries to children: building confidence in making preliminary assessments

Birmingham | £130.00

Many professionals who work with children will at some point be required to make a preliminary judgement as to whether an injury observed on, or reported by, a child could be non-accidental. Neither the law, nor professional guidance, can completely inform professionals how to make their judgement. The idea that “you can’t be too careful” coupled with fear of the professional consequences of missing an injury are clear motives to keep referring up the chain.

02/05/2020 : The use and misuse of psychiatric diagnoses: ASD, ADHD, FAS, OCD, ODD, conduct disorder, gad and major depressive disorder. How to feel competent in challenging misuse and educate about alternative frameworks

London | £183.00

Through emotionally engaging presentations, supported by film footage, experts will discuss the help and hindrance of child and adolescent diagnoses. While some diagnoses are correct and helptul, the worry is that when children or teenagers are given a diagnosis, people stop thinking. With so much focus on presenting behaviour, often natural developmental stages are not taken into consideration.

07/05/2020 : Black victims of child sexual abuse: improving identification and support

Birmingham | £135.00

Services working with victims of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) have made real progress in recent years in both identifying and supporting those young people and adult survivors. However, barriers seem to remain in the identification of, and support for, victims from some Minority communities.

12/05/2020 : Helping children with bereavement and traumatic loss

London | £165.00

This conference focuses on ways of helping children and teenagers with the acute pain that can ensue after traumatic loss and/or unwanted, sudden or unexpected change. The conference presenters will focus on a range of painful losses and transitions: separation/divorce, death of a loved one from natural causes, accident or suicide, living with parental illness, traumatic and sudden separations, losing your country (refugees), moving house, school, losing everything familiar.

13/06/2020 : How to help children, teenagers and adults tell their stories in order to heal emotionally

London | £183.00

This conference presenters will address what happens when a child, teenager or adult does not seek help or is not given the opportunity to tell their painful story. The presenters will then explore what happens when someone does tell their story to someone who is a skilled empathic listener. Both the neural and psychological basis of the profound relief in telling your story will be discussed demonstrating how quality of life depends on this.

25/06/2020 : Youth Work in the 2020s: Policy, Practice & Opportunities

London | From £199.00

Youth work in all its forms can have a transformational impact on young people’s lives. After a decade of policy neglect and underfunding, the beginning of the 2020s promises a strong focus on youth work policy, skills and qualifications not seen for many years. A government review of statutory guidance this year will clarify what services local authorities must provide, while a review of youth work qualifications will set out new routes to the profession and skills for youth workers in the future.

11/07/2020 : When you’ve been to hell and back: breaking the cycle of the intergenerational transfer of trauma

London | £183.00

This conference is all about empowering staff with key knowledge, tools and techniques to help children and young people who have experienced horrible events in their lives. Practical interventions will be discussed from a knowledge base of what happens to the brain and body when undergoing shocking experiences and being left unhelped, with extreme stress. Presenters will explore the science and psychology of common symptoms: emotional numbing, hyperarousal, physical symptoms and illness and repeating the trauma but this time with someone else as the victim, causing hurting as they themselves have been hurt.

30/09/2020 : Safeguarding Children in the Digital Age

Cavendish Conference Centre, London | From £249.00

Digital technology continues to evolve at an extraordinary rate, providing children and young people with countless opportunities for learning, development and socialisation. It also presents ever increasing threats to their wellbeing and safety.

Safeguarding young people today requires all practitioners, parents and carers to be up to speed with how to safeguard online. The 4th national conference on Safeguarding Children in the Digital Age will provide essential learning for the entire children’s workforce. We are bringing together leading online safety experts and safeguarding professionals to equip you with the understanding, skills and confidence to ensure children and young people stay safe in the digital age, in a series of high quality CPD-certified keynote talks and seminars.

20/10/2020 : Adopting Trauma Informed Services to address the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Birmingham | £130.00

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events or experiences which impact children while growing up. These ACEs have the potential to damage both mental and physical health across the life course. The more ACEs a child lives through, the higher the likelihood of health and social problems in later life.

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