20/01/2020 : Child Protection Training – Group 2 Awareness in Safeguarding

Barnstaple | From £25.00

‘Awareness in Safeguarding’ is to increase awareness and confidence building in respect of identification, responding, recording and reporting processes involved in child protection. It will also raise awareness of legislation, attitudes & values and blocks & challenges in safeguarding.

25/01/2020 : How to respond to children and teenagers suffering from depression and anxiety

London | £183.00

Experts will explore causes of depression and anxiety in children and young people as opposed to simply being able to recognise symptoms and ‘refer on’. Many child professionals feel de-skilled when faced with what appears to be ongoing relentless anxiety states and/or futility in children and young people. Many of whom who have lost all hope in a better life. Yet being able to sit with a child in despair or in catastrophic phantasising is vital. So this day will focus on how to be and what to say, showing that empathic listening, understanding, coupled with emotional regulation all in the context of relationship with a trusted adult can do so much. The conference includes moving audio-visual input demonstrating narrative competence (being able to respond effectively to the child’s story) resulting in the child moving into health.

30/01/2020 : Young Carers Awareness

Each year Carers Trust organises Young Carers Awareness Day. The purpose of the day is to raise public awareness of the challenges faced by young people because of their caring role, and to campaign for greater support for young carers and their needs.

11/02/2020 : Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day 2020 will be celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet. It is designed to empower young people to take control of their digital lives. For 2020 we are putting the focus on online identity and asking young people to consider whether they and their peers are truly free to be themselves online. To help educators to deliver practical and impactful activities for Safer Internet Day we have created a range of free resources, including films, lesson plans, assemblies and more!

22/02/2020 : How to have a mentally healthy school, community or organisation: transformational change from unwell to well cultures

London | £183.00

Eminent presenters, all experts in the field of transformational organisational change, will speak about how to make that vital paradigm shift to mental health for all, using their own moving examples as illustration. We have presenters from schools, social enterprises and youth offending institutions. The conference will empower delegates with key knowledge, tools and interventions to ensure that their school, community, family group or organisation is a mentally healthy place for all. We now have all the research we need evidencing what makes a culture mentally well or mentally unwell.

07/03/2020 : From ACE aware to ACE informed practice: therapeutic conversations that change lives (including witnessing domestic violence, being a young carer, sexual/physical abuse, neglect, multiple moves, being bullied, traumatic loss)

London | £183.00

When faced with a child’s or teenager’s pain and suffering it can be difficult to know how to respond. How do you avoid being patronising, crass, dismissive? How do you stop yourself giving an unhelpful lecture or moving into misplaced optimism, opening up a can of worms and generally making things worse? This topic based day will give child professionals and parents alike a wealth of resources to empower them to respond in ways that really help, leaving the child/teenager feeling deeply understood and supported. Moreover, as a result of repeated meaningful conversations like this, children and teenagers can then develop the capacity to reflect on things themselves (rather than just react), and in so doing successfully work through whatever life throws at them. This way they can go on to thrive, rather than growing up with the blight of mental ill-health.

25/03/2020 : Safeguarding Children in the Digital Age

Cavendish Conference Centre, London | From £249.00

Digital technology continues to evolve at an extraordinary rate, providing children and young people with countless opportunities for learning, development and socialisation. It also presents ever increasing threats to their wellbeing and safety.

Safeguarding young people today requires all practitioners, parents and carers to be up to speed with how to safeguard online. The 4th national conference on Safeguarding Children in the Digital Age will provide essential learning for the entire children’s workforce. We are bringing together leading online safety experts and safeguarding professionals to equip you with the understanding, skills and confidence to ensure children and young people stay safe in the digital age, in a series of high quality CPD-certified keynote talks and seminars.

18/04/2020 : Building the bonds of attachment: awakening love in deeply traumatised children

London | £183.00

Dan Hughes is world-leading practitioner in healing troubled children. On this day he will inspire delegates, by demonstrating his breathtaking way of relating to children. He will speak about how he makes profound connection, not over months and years but from the very first meeting. He will explore how to connect with children who suffer from developmental trauma after years of abuse and neglect. He will demonstrate how to ensure that the child feels psychologically safe in the relationship before addressing painful life events.

28/04/2020 : Early Intervention Foundation National Conference 2020 – Putting early intervention at the heart of a children’s agenda

London | TBC

EIF’s major national conference brings together people and voices from across the early intervention sector and all levels of government, commissioning and delivery for a day of learning and knowledge sharing. High-profile keynote speakers will reflect on important changes and trends in the political and policy environment we all work in, while curated panel sessions will tackle a series of challenging questions around the theory, evidence and effective implementation of early intervention.

12/05/2020 : Helping children with bereavement and traumatic loss

London | £165.00

The day’s training will include the following:
•Child bereavement theory
•Memory making – continuing bonds
•Contracting with bereaved children
•Age appropriate understanding of death
•Needs of bereaved children/young people
•Sample classroom session
•Sibling bereavement
•Complex/traumatic death

13/06/2020 : How to help children, teenagers and adults tell their stories in order to heal emotionally

London | £183.00

To be updated

11/07/2020 : When you’ve been to hell and back: breaking the cycle of the intergenerational transfer of trauma

London | £183.00

To be updated