Gatekeeping learning module

Welcome to the Child Centred Policing learning module for gatekeepers. In this short course, we will cover the following:

  • Trauma informed Policing and Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • Form 370 with a trauma informed lens

  • The role of partners

  • Case studies

Further information The following videos and websites will support your understanding of Adverse Childhood Experience:

In this section, we look at the form 370 and how it is used by officers and partners to determine how to deal with youth offenders. We will look at understanding the complexities of gatekeeping offences where children are the offender, taking into account their own vulnerabilities. We will also look at possible disposal outcomes and how they are utilised by the Youth Offending Service (YOS).

In the following video, Chief Inspector Joe Mathews talks about the gatekeeping process, what you should be taking into account and how a youth offending decision needs to take into account a number of important factors, both from within policing and from our partners. We will also hear from the Youth Offending service regarding what happens once the form 370 is submitted to them.

In this audio, Inspector Mathews discusses the significant case law that can be applied to decision making (4m)


Inspector Mathews continues by discussing the decision making process for childrens homes and the 10 point check list. (6m30s)

In this video, Matt Wilcox from Devon Youth Offending Service talks about the disposal options available to young people, and how they are best utilised to achieve the best outcome for the young offender, victim and community.

In this section, we look at the work of our partners by looking at the processes included as part of the Out of Court Disposal (OoCD) panel. The above video provides you with an understanding of the panel, it’s members and the decision making process to determine the outcome for offences by young people.

Links and further information

This video provides you with a couple of example case studies, that enables you to question how you could come to a gatekeeping decision. It utilises the trauma informed approach to policing to determine the best outcome for all involved.

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