Resources (Violence)

County Lines

Drugs, Violence | KS3, KS4

In 2017, the Home Office, National Crime Agency, the National Police Chief’s Council, the Children’s Society and Victim Support, as well as a number of smaller, individual organisations have all released new guidance on approaching the county lines problem as awareness around the issue continues to grow. Recognising young people at risk and intervening early is a key part of the strategy. This resource package is aimed at raising awareness about the county lines problem and helping young people to maintain resilience against becoming involved in it.

Expect Respect

PSHE, Safeguarding, Violence | KS3, KS4

Abuse and domestic violence sometimes happens when there is a lack of respect for one person in a relationship or in a family. This booklet is about understanding what respect is and what it means to be in a healthy (good/respectful) relationship. It also tells you what you can do if you’re not being treated right or if you are being abused. You deserve love and respect.

Knife Crime

Violence | KS3, KS4

A resource package from Avon and Somerset Police aimed at discouraging children from becoming involved in knife crime.

Policing: Lesson materials

PSHE, Crime/ASB, Prevent, Safeguarding, Violence | KS3, KS4, Professional

The following lesson plans and resources hold the PSHE Association Quality Mark for effective practice in PSHE education. They have been created by national bodies and government departments to address a range of issues related to crime and young people. We are highlighting these materials so that our network of PSHE teachers have a range of high quality lesson plans to use, and to provide models of good practice for police staff.

  • Disrespect Nobody
  • Run Hide Tell
  • Gangs: Managing Risks and Staying Safe
  • Anti Fraud Education
  • #Knifefree

Street Crime

Crime/ASB, Violence | KS3, KS4

This is an educational resource for professionals working with young people throughout the UK. It provides exercises on a range of crime types that professionals can use to challenge young people’s perceptions, stimulate debate and encourage good citizenship.

Weapons (

Crime/ASB, Violence | KS3, KS4

Weapon attacks involving young people hit the headlines too frequently. Here we explore the wider social, physical and physiological effects of this type of criminality.

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