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Safeguarding | KS3, KS4

This package from Avon and Somerset Police is based on guidance from the Home Office, using the Disrespect Nobody campaign materials, but is tailored specifically to consent and sexual assault/rape, with additional input about the police. It also includes a video about the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), also known as ‘The Bridge’, which explains who they help and what services they provide, as we wanted young people in our force area to have access to information and support relevant to them locally, not just nationally. The lesson plan assumes that lessons about healthy relationships covering issues such as respect, trust and equality, have taken place beforehand as part of the broader PSHE curriculum taught by schools.

Expect Respect

PSHE, Safeguarding, Violence | KS3, KS4

Abuse and domestic violence sometimes happens when there is a lack of respect for one person in a relationship or in a family. This booklet is about understanding what respect is and what it means to be in a healthy (good/respectful) relationship. It also tells you what you can do if you’re not being treated right or if you are being abused. You deserve love and respect.

Policing: Lesson materials

PSHE, Crime/ASB, Prevent, Safeguarding, Violence | KS3, KS4, Professional

The following lesson plans and resources hold the PSHE Association Quality Mark for effective practice in PSHE education. They have been created by national bodies and government departments to address a range of issues related to crime and young people. We are highlighting these materials so that our network of PSHE teachers have a range of high quality lesson plans to use, and to provide models of good practice for police staff.

  • Disrespect Nobody
  • Run Hide Tell
  • Gangs: Managing Risks and Staying Safe
  • Anti Fraud Education
  • #Knifefree

Sexually Exploitative Relationships (Child Sexual Exploitation)

Safeguarding | KS3, KS4

We recognise that as part of a PSHE agenda, CSE forms part of the broader context of sex and relationships education carried out within schools. No standalone package can encompass that remit within a standard 60-minute lesson. This package is tailored to exploitative sexual relationships and assumes other lessons about healthy relationships have taken place beforehand.

This resource has been produced by Avon and Somerset but it draws significantly from the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) ‘Exploited’ materials (produced with input from a range of national partners including the NSPCC, Brook, the Sex Education Forum and Barnado’s). Materials from other police forces have also been included where they represent good practice.

The Real Story (CSE and Sexual Health resource pack)

Safeguarding | KS3, KS4

This resource from Barnados has been designed and formulated to equip facilitators to effectively engage young people aged 13 and above in the subject area. The short films have been designed to enable young people to discuss the issue whilst protecting them from personal disclosure in a safe and secure learning environment.

Think: Protect: Connect Toolkit

Diversity, Prevent, Safeguarding | SEN

The Think: Protect: Connect toolkit aims to provide schools, colleges and youth settings with a range of resources to safeguard young people with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) from online radicalisation and extremism.The key aims of this toolkit are to:

  • Increase young people’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of online radicalisation and extremism and its causes
  • Develop young people’s personal resilience to extremism and radicalisation
  • Challenge stereotypes held by young people about certain individuals and groups
  • Equip young people with critical thinking skills to empower them to explore and challenge a range of sensitive topics including use of online propaganda and extremist ideologies
  • Enable young people to gain a number of transferable life skills that they can draw on in the future.

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