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Resources (All)

Interactive anti-bullying tool for parents

Bullying | Parent, Professional

Welcome to the Interactive Anti-Bullying Parent Information Tool. It aims to give you information about bullying in an interactive way. Please click on the image below to access the tool. If you have any questions / queries please follow the links in the Resources and Advice section of the tool.

Jessie and Friends (Age 4-7)

Online Safety | KS1

Jessie & Friends is a three-episode animated series which aims to equip 4-7 year olds with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to help them stay safe from sexual abuse and other risks they may encounter online. Jessie & Friends follows the adventures of Jessie, Tia and Mo as they begin to navigate the online world. They learn that while the internet can be an exciting place where they can learn and have fun, sometimes they may encounter things online which make them feel worried, scared or sad.

Josh and Sue (ThinkUKnow)

Online Safety | SEN

Josh and Sue is an animated film which covers issues around online bullying, sharing information and who are real friends. This animation has been designed to be used with young people learning difficulties. There are two different commentaries, one for those with mild to moderate needs and another for moderate to severe needs. There is no complex story and there are clear tick and cross symbols for when an action by one of the characters is safe or not safe. There are supporting activities and lesson plans to go with the video. All this is available here.

Just send it (Childnet)

Online Safety – CSE etc, Wellbeing and Relationships | KS3, KS4

Part of the Crossing the Line PHSE toolkit. Abi and her friends love to live their lives online; sharing top tips, fashion ideas and fun stories. The film includes closed caption subtitles and is available here. When her online comments catch the attention of Josh, a boy well known in the school, she is excited. As friendship grows and their like for each other develops, it’s not long before Josh’s friend encourages him to pressurise Abi to send a nude selfie. She’s not keen to do this and seeks the advice of her friends. Mixed opinions and increasing pressure from Josh soon encourage her to change her mind to take the photo. Although Josh intends to delete the photo, his friend Brandon intercepts the picture and sends it on to others online, which causes much distress for Abi.

Kayleigh’s Love Story (Leicestershire Police)

Online Safety – CSE etc | KS4

Kayleigh’s love story is an online grooming case from October 2015 that ended tragically. This video re-enacts the last two weeks of 15-year old Kayleigh Haywood’s life when she was groomed on Facebook by a 27-year old male and then went to visit the man. Kayleigh was raped and murdered by the man and his next door neighbour. Both men were subsequently convicted of serious offences and received substantial prison sentences. The video has been made with the support of Kayleigh’s family and would be rated 15 if it were to be shown in the cinema. The video and the accompanying information is available here.

Knife Crime

Violence | KS3, KS4

A resource package from Avon and Somerset Police aimed at discouraging children from becoming involved in knife crime.

Learning Disabilities, Autism and Internet Safety: A Guide for Parents (Ambitious about Autism, Mencap and Cerebra)

Online Safety | Parent

This guide from leading organisations outlines some suggestions to help parents limit the risk of their child having negative experiences online and understand what action can be taken if they do.

Lee and Kim (ThinkUKnow)

Online Safety | KS1

Lee and Kim is a short animated film designed for young children. It follows two primary school aged children who are playing an online game. The cartoon highlights the importance of being safe online, and helps children to spot important online behaviours such as being kind to other people and not talking to strangers. This video is available from the THINKUKNOW website together with some fun activities and a song. Alternatively, the video is available from the CEOP YouTube channel and is also available with BSL or subtitles.

Like Me (TrueTube)

Online Safety | KS3, KS4

TRUETUBE contains RE, PSHE and Citizenship resources. The video LikeMe uses a fast moving format to show how people interact online and is accessible here. School is over for the day, and Sophia is straight online with her friends, sharing messages and photos, but then someone shares too much and this has a massive impact for Sophia. Teachers’ notes containing discussion topics and activities are available.

Lucy and the Boy (NSPCC Share Aware)

Online Safety | KS2

Lucy and the Boy is a resource explaining to children about what is and isn’t suitable to share online. There is a cartoon video and lesson plan with activities, extension work and homework, with a slide presentation also available. The video contains closed captions and is available here.

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