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#Listentoyourselfie (Childline)

Online Safety – CSE etc, Wellbeing and Relationships | KS4

The #Listentoyourselfie campaign from Childline looks at healthy and unhealthy relationships. There are stories that are presented in written and video form and a checklist of what’s healthy and what’s not.

  • The Party: Lara meets an older boy Dan and they start a relationship. Dan comes to Lara’s house while she is having a party with her friends and he starts to pressure her into having sex.
  • The Game: Paul has an online friend JJ who he talks to about being gay or possibly bisexual. JJ sends Paul a naked picture and asks for one in return.

Both videos are available with closed captions and can be viewed here.


Online Safety, Wellbeing and Relationships | KS2, KS4

The PSHE Association is working in partnership with GambleAware to support children and young people to understand, and avoid, risks associated with gambling. The below free-to-download materials aim to increase the number of schools addressing this important issue, and give teachers the confidence to cover it to a high standard through their PSHE education curricula.

Gaming Addiction (MindEd)

Online Safety, Wellbeing and Relationships | KS3, KS4

MindEd is an organisation that provides education about children and young people’s mental health for professionals and parents. It has a section on parenting in the digital world covering the risks etc but also includes an animated video where Mark discusses his gaming addiction. Available on the MindEd website here.

Gaming or gambling – Schools and organisations

Online Safety, Wellbeing and Relationships | Professional

Parent Zone and GambleAware have partnered up to help professionals and families learn about the gambling-like risks children may face when playing online games – and simple, practical ways to keep gaming fun and make it safer.

Just send it (Childnet)

Online Safety – CSE etc, Wellbeing and Relationships | KS3, KS4

Part of the Crossing the Line PHSE toolkit. Abi and her friends love to live their lives online; sharing top tips, fashion ideas and fun stories. The film includes closed caption subtitles and is available here. When her online comments catch the attention of Josh, a boy well known in the school, she is excited. As friendship grows and their like for each other develops, it’s not long before Josh’s friend encourages him to pressurise Abi to send a nude selfie. She’s not keen to do this and seeks the advice of her friends. Mixed opinions and increasing pressure from Josh soon encourage her to change her mind to take the photo. Although Josh intends to delete the photo, his friend Brandon intercepts the picture and sends it on to others online, which causes much distress for Abi.

Managing Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Behaviours

Wellbeing and Relationships | KS3, KS4, Professional

A timely resource for schools preparing for statutory RSE from September, the lessons will support your students to recognise the qualities of healthy relationships, exhibit healthy relationship behaviours, identify the features of unhealthy or unsafe relationships/family situations and know how to seek help if they or others are facing abusive circumstances.

Myth vs Reality: PSHE toolkit

Wellbeing and Relationships | KS3

With Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) becoming statutory in all schools from September 2020, schools need practical, thoughtful and helpful resources to help them teach RSE. Myth vs Reality, our new PSHE Toolkit for 11-14s explores the topics of online pornography, healthy relationships and body image. This toolkit is an extension of our hugely successful practical PSHE toolkit ‘Crossing the Line,’ which aims to generate discussions amongst young people aged 11-14 about their experiences online.


Online Safety, Wellbeing and Relationships | KS3, KS4

This resource has been produced by Avon and Somerset but is based on the Home Office Disrespect Nobody campaign and also draws on resources produced by Childnet. The materials have been combined to produce a package which takes into account the PSHE agenda while also providing a police perspective.

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