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06/08/2020: Student sends anti-bullying message through song

A student has released a music video in which she wipes off her body all of the names that she was called when she was bullied at school. Hannah Lou Reid, 19, is from Plymouth, Devon, but studies songwriting at BIMM Bristol. She wrote the track “Left Up Down Right” to process her own feelings about bullying and body positivity, as well as to send a message to other victims that “you can heal, and the words won’t stick with you forever”.

04/03/2020: Coronavirus: Illness sparks rise in racist bullying in schools

Education leaders have written to the government calling for coronavirus advice for schools to be extended to cover a rise in racist bullying relating to the disease. Teachers’ union NASWUT said it had seen an increase in “incidences of abuse, prejudice, xenophobia and racism as a result of the coronavirus, particularly against Chinese and other East Asian ethnicities and those perceived to be from these communities”.

10/12/2019: Teachers asked to open up about being bullied

A school that produced a video of teachers speaking up about their experiences of bullying has advised other schools to do the same as a way of helping their “most vulnerable” students. Pupils at Perins School in Alresford, Hampshire, were shown a video of teachers describing their experiences of bullying, with some staff members reporting that their experiences had made them depressed or led them to self-harm.

12/11/2019: Anti-Bullying Week 2019: ‘We must listen to those who are bullied’

Up to 30 per cent of young people claim to have experienced bullying, and now is the time to listen to them. They see and experience bullying behaviour, they understand it and its impact, and, therefore, they should be the people we listen to when developing new strategies to address it. Their voices can make policy-making and practice stronger, more appropriate and, ultimately, better able to meet young people’s needs.

11/11/2019: Bullying: Fifth of young people in UK have been victims in past year

A fifth of young people in the UK have been bullied in the past 12 months, an annual report has found. Three out of four people who were bullied said it affected their mental health and nearly half became depressed as a result, according to the study by charity Ditch the Label. About a third of those bullied were targeted at least once a week.

08/11/2019: One in 10 students ‘misses school due to bullying’

One in 10 children says they have missed school due to bullying, according to a new poll. The survey suggests that many young people take action to avoid bullies, such as changing their route to and from school, not spending time with friends and avoiding social media. The Anti-Bullying Alliance, which commissioned the poll, said everyone has a part to play in reducing bullying.

01/10/2019: Vulnerable pupils bullied online over ‘sadfishing’

Schoolchildren seeking solace online are being affected by the latest toxic social media trend, “sadfishing”, a new report warns. Youngsters are being accused of attention-seeking after sharing details about personal issues online in search of support, it says. “Sadfishing” has been used to describe someone’s attempt to attract attention, sympathy or hook an audience through posting about an emotional problem.

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