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27/07/2021: Beating Crime Plan

26/07/2021: National Adoption Strategy: £48m to improve services in England


26/07/2021: More than 250 people have been convicted of child sex abuse while working with the Scouts, new figures show

Daily Mail

26/07/2021: Multi-Agency Work In Youth Offending Services

Russell Webster

26/07/2021: Proportion of privately run children’s homes up by 12 per cent, Ofsted figures show

Children and Young People Now

25/07/2021: ‘You’d walk out if your husband hit you – you can’t when it’s your child’


25/07/2021: More than 250 convicted of child sexual abuse in UK and Ireland while in Scout movement


23/07/2021: Youth violence likely to explode over summer, UK experts fear


23/07/2021: Parents’ fears over sexting and abuse among teenagers


23/07/2021: Government drops proposed overhaul of Mental Health Act-MCA interface due to ‘very limited support’

Community Care

23/07/2021: Wave of pupil sex abuse ‘violating’ teachers

Times Education Supplement

23/07/2021: ‘Boys wrote rape threats in books they knew I’d open’

Times Education Supplement