News – 3-Column

News – 3-Column

Priti Patel: Facebook encryption plan ‘must not hamper child protection’ (19/04/2021)

Facebook’s plans to roll out encryption across its messaging services could jeopardise ongoing work to combat child abuse, the Home Secretary is to warn. Such encryption means only the sender and recipient can read messages. “We cannot allow a situation where law enforcement’s ability to tackle abhorrent criminal acts and protect victims is severely hampered,” Priti Patel will tell a charity-hosted event. Facebook says its plans for wider encryption protects users’ privacy.


Facebook encryption plans will hit fight against child abuse, warns Patel (19/04/2021)

NSPCC fears end-to-end encryption of messages will make tools that identify grooming and images of abuse useless. Home secretary Priti Patel will call for tech companies including Facebook to “live up to their moral duty” and do more to safeguard children in a roundtable discussion about end-to-end message encryption.


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