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23/01/2021: Three quarters of schools struggling to support SEND children during Covid lockdown

Schools are finding it increasingly difficult to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) amid the Covid-19 health crisis, research has found. Among special educational . . . needs coordinators (SENCOs), almost three quarters (72 per cent) felt their schools had experienced challenges in providing support to children with education, health and care plans (EHCP) during lockdown.
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23/01/2021: ‘I feel like I’m failing’: Parents’ stress rises over home schooling in Covid lockdown

Teachers are expecting parents to do more home schooling with their primary-age children this lockdown, compared with the first one, leaving parents feeling stressed and anxious about their children’s . . . mental health. Nearly half of parents say primary school teachers are expecting more of their child this time round, according to research for the Observer by the Parent Ping survey app.

22/01/2021: Home Office announces new strategy to combat child sexual abuse

The Home Office has announced a new national strategy aimed at protecting children from all forms of sexual abuse. The Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy sets out how the government will use new . . . legislation and enhanced technology to stop offenders including investing in the UK’s Child Abuse Image Database to identify and catch more offenders more quickly.
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