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01/03/2021: New measures added to Domestic Abuse legislation

Work with offenders on three important new amendments. Women’s campaigners have fought a long and hard campaign to ensure that the Domestic Abuse Bill has the . . . powers it needs to protect victims of domestic abuse. The Bill was first promised by the Government almost four years ago, it started its progress through parliament only to fall because of the pressures of Brexit and the 2019 general election. The Bill was reintroduced to parliament last March and will start its report stage next week. However, it does appear that the co-ordinated campaign has been successful in many ways.
Work with Offenders

28/02/2021: Counselling service sees rise in caseload

More counsellors are needed due to the rising number of young people with mental health problems in lockdown, a charity has warned. Bedford Open Door, a service . . . for 13 to 25 year olds, said it needed to “increase capacity to meet demand”. Michele Flynn, operations manager, said they had seen increases in the number of youngsters who were self-harming or had suicidal thoughts.

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