News 2021: 10 items (Health and Wellbeing)

30/09/2022: Molly Russell: Social media a factor in teenager’s death, coroner says

The “negative effects of online content” were a factor in the death of a girl who took her own life, an inquest has found. Coroner Andrew Walker said material viewed by 14-year-old Molly Russell on social media “shouldn’t have been available for a child to see”. Molly, from Harrow, viewed thousands of images of self-harm and suicide before she died in November 2017.

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29/09/2022: Young non-smokers told not to take up vaping by experts

Young non-smokers are being advised not to take up vaping. Researchers looked at the evidence and say while vaping is far safer than cigarettes, the long-term effects of vapes are still unknown. Vaping causes less exposure to harmful toxins than smoking, say the experts, who were tasked by the government with looking at the issue.

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29/09/2022: Behaviour adviser urges English schools to crack down on pupils’ vaping

The government’s school behaviour adviser has called on headteachers to crack down on vaping among pupils, calling it “a huge health hazard” and an “enormous distraction”, amid reports that more children are using the devices, including some of primary age.

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28/09/2022: Just one in five teachers confident in delivering lessons to tackle sexual harassment

Most teachers lack the confidence to deliver lessons around countering harmful sexual behaviour and sexual harassment, a report is warning. Among secondary school teachers, just 19 per cent said they were confident enough to advise pupils on these subjects within sex and relationships education (SRE) lessons.

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27/09/2022: ‘I’m just not good enough’: Words from ‘depressive’ Instagram post were used in note Molly Russell left behind, inquest hears

Molly Russell left behind a note quoting an Instagram post which said ‘I’m just not good enough’ before taking her life, an inquest heard yesterday. Oliver Sanders KC, the Russell family’s lawyer, suggested the ‘dreadful, disgusting’ content the 14-year-old viewed on the platform, had ‘influenced’ her real-world actions.

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26/09/2022: Children’s happiness continues to decline, annual wellbeing survey reveals

One in nine children have poor wellbeing and their happiness in life continues to decline, the Children’s Society’s annual Good Childhood Report has revealed. The charity’s annual report, based on analysis collected from 2,100 children whose families are taking part in the long-running Understanding Society project, shows that six percent of 10- to 15-year-olds say they are unhappy with life as a whole, up from four per cent a decade ago.

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25/09/2022: Schools in England warn of crisis of ‘heartbreaking’ rise in hungry children

Headteachers and food aid charities say they are struggling to cope with growing demand from families unable to afford food. Children are so hungry that they are eating rubbers or hiding in the playground because they can’t afford lunch, according to reports from headteachers across England.

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24/09/2022: Molly Russell inquest: Instagram clips seen by teen ‘most distressing’

The inquest of a 14-year-old girl who took her own life has been examining the impact of material she viewed on Instagram in the run-up to her death. Molly Russell, from Harrow, north-west London, engaged with numerous accounts referring to self-harm, depression or suicide before killing herself in 2017.

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23/09/2022: Molly Russell inquest hears defence of Instagram content policies

A senior executive at Instagram’s parent company has defended the platform’s policies on suicide and self-harm content, telling the inquest into Molly Russell’s death that guidelines had always been drafted in consultation with experts.

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22/09/2022: Cost of living: Students struggling with impact of soaring prices

Students are facing financial and mental health concerns as soaring prices take a toll on their wellbeing, a survey has suggested. More than eight in 10 of those asked said they worried about making ends meet, with the average maintenance loan falling short of living costs.

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22/09/2022: TikTok removes posts promoting weight loss aids to children

TikTok has removed postings promoting migraine and epilepsy drugs to under-18s as weight loss aids after criticism that hosting them was a danger to young people’s health.

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22/09/2022: UK children’s doctors given advice on how to help families in poverty

Children’s doctors plan to help poor families cope with the cost of living crisis and its feared impact on health, amid concern that cold homes this winter will lead to serious ill health.

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21/09/2022: Cannabis sweets ‘marketed at children’ being widely sold on social media

Cannabis sweets packaged to look like bags of Haribo and Skittles are being sold and promoted on social media sites such as Instagram and Tik Tok, Sky News has found.

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21/09/2022: Youth club psychologist pilot prompts call for more mental health partnerships

Mental health services are being urged to forge partnerships with local youth clubs to better identify hard to reach young people in need of support. The call has been made by Centre for Mental Health based on its evaluation of a pilot involving the placement of two psychologists at a youth club.

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20/09/2022: Molly Russell’s inquest to put focus on big tech

Almost five years after she took her own life, the inquest into the death of teenager Molly Russell is due to begin. Molly, 14, killed herself in 2017 after viewing material about self-harm, suicide and depression, on social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Her father Ian, a campaigner for online safety, hopes it is a turning point.

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