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White Gold Cornwall

White Gold Cornwall works with children, young people and adults across the whole of Cornwall to help them navigate life’s challenges. It offers . . . tailored support to address a wide range of issues and have a proven record of assisting individuals to develop and become valued members of our communities.


My World (Autism)

If you have an autistic student in your class, you may not know about the many small ways in which you can help them to have a better time at school. . . . Sometimes it’s a little bit of the right kind of extra support which can make all the difference to someone on the autism spectrum who is struggling. If you are a teacher or education professional, sign up to our MyWorld campaign now to get free information and resources straight to your inbox every fortnight. The campaign is designed to help teachers and other education professionals support pupils on the autism spectrum in schools, by providing access to the best free resources and information.


Listen to my story

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot the signs of whether you are being exploited, but if you or someone you know has been asked to do sexual things . . . in return for something then they may have been sexually exploited, even if the person who did it was a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.


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