Find: Violence (Podcasts)

Child to Parent Violence

This episode is about child and adolescent to parent abuse. It covers how this form of abuse is defined, what is known about when and why it occurs, how social workers can support families, both when there are specific programmes in place and what they can do themselves. We also explore the links and differences with domestic abuse. Discussing these questions are Helen Bonnick, social worker specialising in this area and Jane Griffiths, parent-child therapist, consultant and trainer. The questions were asked by Joanna Silman content editor at Community Care Inform.

“A discussion on violence against women and girls”, in The Sociology Show

Deanna Dadusc, a member of BRIDGES and Lecturer on Critical Criminology at the University of Brighton, participates in this podcast with Roxana Pessoa Cavalcanti and Stephen Burrell to discuss about gender violence and violence against women. In it, they talk about how police are not the solution to male toxicity, but part of the problem, and appeal to the need to learn from collective struggles like Black Lives Matter and black feminist abolitionists to eliminate violence against women.

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