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Childhood in the digital age (Open Learn)

Are you a technology optimist or a technology pessimist? The amount of technology available to children today is greater . . . than in any previous generation, and it is more specifically designed to capture their imaginations. There is heated debate as to how the digital influx is shaping children’s development and experience.
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Online safety training (NSPCC)

Do you know your Fortnite from your Snapchat? Do you know the role online technologies play in children and young . . . people’s lives and the risks they might face? The online world brings many positives and possibilities, but it’s also full of risks – and it’s constantly changing. Developed by the NSPCC in association with NCA-CEOP, the child protection unit of the National Crime Agency, this elearning course will help you to understand what children and young people do online, why they take risks and how to respond to these risks so you can feel confident in protecting the children you work with.
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