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Supporting Muslim Children: Effective Practice Briefing – Youth Custody Service

This briefing covers a range of practice that will enable staff to understand and respond to the . . . needs of children who follow the Islamic faith. It suggests a range of very practical measures to help staff demonstrate that they have considered and responded to the child’s individual circumstances which may help to minimise any unnecessary barriers to engagement and building trust.

Supporting Children who are Black, Asian or Have Specific Cultural or Religious Needs: Effective Practice Briefing – Youth Custody Service

The YCS have created a briefing concerning supporting children who are Black, Asian or have specific . . . cultural or religious needs. Children within the secure estate represent many different cultures and religious beliefs and therefore the importance for staff to be equipped with the knowledge and practical solutions to support the children and young people in their care is paramount. The text discusses themes of food, clothing, personal care, events and measures to embrace the opportunities to understand and raise awareness that different needs require different types of support.

Working with Girls and Bullying: Effective Practice Briefing – Youth Custody Service

The Youth Custody Service have produced a short briefing concerned with working with girls and . . . bullying. The briefing is intended to enable staff to identify bullying amongst girls and equip practitioners with effective solutions to identify and address bullying in a variety of scenarios. The briefing investigates the complexity and motives of bullying, the experience for girls and how this manifests in different settings to allow practitioners to both support and help the victims and perpetrators.

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