Find: Harmful Sexual Behaviour (Documents)

Unsocial Spaces

Domestic abuse is getting ‘smarter’. When Refuge first started work 50 years ago, domestic abuse was . . . widely thought of as black eyes and broken bones. The reality for women now is that domestic abuse can take many different, insidious forms. One of those is tech abuse – where perpetrators use technology to harass, stalk, intimidate and control women.

Harmful sexual behaviour prevention toolkit

This toolkit is designed for parents, carers, family members and professionals, to help everyone . . . play their part in keeping children safe. It has links to useful information, resources, and support as well as practical tips to prevent harmful sexual behaviour and provide safe environments for families.

Responding to children who display sexualised behaviour: continuum guide

Children and young people typically display a range of sexualised behaviours as they grow up. . . . However some may display problematic or abusive sexualised behaviour. This is harmful to the children who display it as well as the people it’s directed towards.

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