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Beyond The Bet Podcast

This podcast has been produced by the Gambling Support Service, a project delivered by 12 Citizens Advice offices across . . . England & Wales. Often considered as the ‘silent’ or ‘hidden’ addiction, Beyond The Bet provides listeners with engaging and educational content around the subject of gambling. If you are a frontline worker, someone struggling with a gambling addiction or simply interested in gambling as a concept, then you are in the right place.
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Podcast: Reducing the odds of gambling harm through PSHE

In this episode of PSHE Talks, Sam is joined by Subject Specialists Anne Bell and Sally Martin, and Dr Elly Hanson — an . . . independent clinical psychologist who’s been coordinating the Association’s work researching PSHE’s role in gambling harm prevention work. Together they discuss the wider context for this work and explore the current trends around gambling harms and young people. Sally and Anne recall some of the points that were raised in the teacher focus groups they led on the topic and give an overview of the new lesson suite on exploring risk in relation to gambling for primary schools. All three of our guests give their unique insight into what they believe schools should be covering on this topic and consider different ways teachers can be effective in the classroom.

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