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“Surviving, not living”: Lived experiences of crime and gambling

This report outlines the lived experiences of people in England and Wales who have experienced . . . gambling harms (otherwise referred to as ‘problem gambling’) and have committed gambling-related crime. The research has provided a greater understanding of how gambling harms can be understood, the impact of gambling harms and
the specific experiences of the criminal justice journey.


Young People & Gambling 2020 Technical Report

A research study among 11-16 year olds on behalf of the Gambling Commission. Ipsos MORI, on behalf . . . of the Gambling Commission, has conducted research among 11-16 year olds to identify participation rates in gambling, the prevalence of problem gambling, and to explore gambling behaviour and attitudes among young people. The research has been conducted as part of Ipsos MORI’s annual Young People Omnibus (YPO) for the past seven years and this technical report provides more detail on how the 2020 survey was carried out.

Overlooked: Why we should be doing more to support families and friends affected by someone else’s drinking, drug use or gambling.

This latest research looks at the number of people negatively impacted by someone else’s drinking, . . . drug taking or gambling. In line with our 2019 research which looked at families affected by substance use, Adfam found that 5.5 million people are currently dealing with the negative impacts of a friend or family member’s drinking, drug talking or gambling

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