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Overlooked: Why we should be doing more to support families and friends affected by someone else’s drinking, drug use or gambling.

This latest research looks at the number of people negatively impacted by someone else’s drinking, . . . drug taking or gambling. In line with our 2019 research which looked at families affected by substance use, Adfam found that 5.5 million people are currently dealing with the negative impacts of a friend or family member’s drinking, drug talking or gambling

Criminal exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: county lines

This guidance outlines what county lines (and associated criminal exploitation) is, signs to look . . . for in potential victims, and what to do about it. It does not provide information about the entirety of the county lines issue. The document is a supplement to an organisation’s existing safeguarding policies, to help identify and protect those exploited through this criminal activity.

We’re all in this together?

The Children’s Commissioner’s local area profiles of child vulnerability provide a way for councils . . . to understand which groups of children are likely to be at risk under lockdown, and how many children in their area fall into those groups. It also provides a framework for central government to target additional resources at the areas most in need.

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