Find: Domestic Abuse (Podcasts)

Child to Parent Violence

This episode is about child and adolescent to parent abuse. It covers how this form of abuse is defined, what is known about when and why it occurs, how social workers can support families, both when there are specific programmes in place and what they can do themselves. We also explore the links and differences with domestic abuse. Discussing these questions are Helen Bonnick, social worker specialising in this area and Jane Griffiths, parent-child therapist, consultant and trainer. The questions were asked by Joanna Silman content editor at Community Care Inform.

Domestic abuse and Covid-19

In this episode, we discuss how social workers can best protect clients experiencing domestic abuse during the lockdown period. Sadly the facts speak for themselves. Calls to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline went up by 49% after three weeks of lockdown, and the Metropolitan Police alone has made over 4,000 arrests for domestic abuse since 9th March.

NSPCC: why domestic abuse is a child protection issue

Find out how to improve your practice around domestic abuse when working with children and families. In this episode, we discuss the complexities of domestic abuse and why it is a safeguarding and child protection issue. We talk about the main themes that emerged from our learning from case reviews briefing on domestic abuse and share what we see in practice.

Podcast: Partnered with a Survivor

What does it mean to give consistent consent? What is coercive control? How do you probably see it or feel it every day? This is a podcast you’ll wish you had heard when you were a teenager. In unsure, confusing times, it’s our goal to widen the audience for the Safe & Together Model-associated material to survivors, their family members, and even perpetrators. For professionals familiar with the Model, it will offer another angle on the issues addressed by the Model. For those who don’t know Safe & Together, it offers a connection to the themes and ideas behind the work.

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