Working with the Prevention Programme: Transforming systems to protect young people

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Since 2019, The Children’s Society’s Prevention Programme has worked to bring about change for young people in England and Wales. Every child has the right to a safe, happy childhood. But all too often that safety, that happiness, is put at risk. Those seeking to exploit and abuse children are always adapting their tactics,
but the systems our society has put in place to respond and protect young people can sometimes struggle to keep pace.

Childhood trauma, the brain and the social world: A short guide about the importance of social relationships for mental health

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“In this guide, we share some of the latest research looking at how brain changes following trauma can affect a child’s social world. We consider how adults and systems can help build a better social world.”

Toward a system that heals: Exploring empathy and its application to youth justice and children’s education, health and social care services.

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Through the report I will comment on love, kindness and compassion in systems, and I realise as I come to conclude the writing of this report, that actually empathy is an intentional ‘doing’ word, and that in fact empathy is the driver to love, kindness and compassionate action that leads to ‘empathic interactions’, and increases connection between service providers and those who use the services.

Causes and Impact of Offending and Criminal Justice Pathways: Follow-up of the Edinburgh Study Cohort at Age 35

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The Edinburgh Study is a major programme of research that spans more than two decades and involves over 4,000 individual cohort members who were attending schools in Scotland’s capital city at the turn of the 21st Century. The Study has always relied on the cooperation, goodwill and enthusiasm of its participants who have given their time generously to support the overall aims of the research in improving the lives of children, young people and adults involved in offending or in contact with systems of justice.

Punishing Abuse Children in the West Midlands Criminal Justice System

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We know that the local authorities, schools, police, other vital public services and organisations within our essential voluntary and community sectors, are working tirelessly to improve the lives of children across the West Midlands. A crucial part of this is their work to help some of our most vulnerable children cope with the fallout from poverty, and, sadly experiences of trauma.

The role of public services in addressing child vulnerability

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“Our second major inquiry, ‘The role of public services in addressing child vulnerability’ will ask whether reforming public services can address the growing problem of child vulnerability. The inquiry will cover how public services support mothers and families during pregnancy, and how they support children in their early years and school years”. (UK Parliament)

Adverse Childhood Experience Trauma Informed Multi-agency Early Action Together (ACE TIME) training: A 15-month police and partners

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Funded by the Home Office to deliver a national programme of change across Wales (2018-2020), the E.A.T programme is a unique collaboration between Public Health Wales (PHW), the four Welsh Police Forces and Police and Crime Commissioners, in partnership with Criminal Justice, Youth Justice, and third sector organisations.

Realising the potential of early intervention

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Too many children are facing challenges or disadvantages that can affect their development and threaten their future life chances, health and happiness.

Health matters: community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing

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This professional resource focuses on the concept and practice of community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing and outlines how to create the conditions for community assets to thrive.

In-brief: Trauma-informed youth justice

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Trauma can result from experiences that cause intense fear or pain, overwhelming the ability to cope. For instance physical or emotional cruelty, sexual abuse, or witnessing violence. Risky or traumatic events are not rare, and will not always cause long-term harm. However some young people require on-going support to recover.

The cost of late intervention: EIF analysis 2016

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This report focuses on the immediate and short-run fiscal costs of what we call ‘late intervention’: the acute, statutory and essential benefits and services that are required when children and young people experience significant difficulties in life, many of which might have been prevented.

Welsh Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study: Adverse Childhood Experiences

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This is one in a series of reports examining the prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in the Welsh adult population and their impact on health and well-being across the life course.