Appropriate Language in Relation to Child Exploitation

Added: 20/01/2022 Category: Exploitation, Professionalism, Safeguarding

This document seeks to provide guidance to professionals on the appropriate use of language when discussing children and their experience of exploitation in a range of contexts.
These include when speaking directly with or discussing children, within recording and case management systems and when delivering relevant training or other learning interventions.

‘Ready or not’: care leavers’ views of preparing to leave care

Added: 19/01/2022 Category: Looked after children

For many children in care, approaching adulthood and leaving the care system is a time of extra challenges, anxiety and fear. This research looks at the planning and preparation that happens before leaving care.

Out of Harm’s Way: A new care system to protect vulnerable teenagers at risk of exploitation and crime’

Added: 29/12/2021 Category: Professionalism, Safeguarding

Anne Longfield, chair of the Commission on Young Lives, is today (Wednesday 29th December) publishing ‘Out of Harm’s Way: A new care system to protect vulnerable teenagers at risk of exploitation and crime’, the first report of a year-long series of reports into teenagers at risk. The Commission launched in September 2021 and is hosted by the Oasis Charitable Trust.

Child trafficking in the UK 2021: a snapshot

Added: 23/12/2021 Category: Exploitation, Safeguarding

The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and ECPAT UK (Every Child Protected Against Trafficking) have launched a report providing an outline of child trafficking in the UK between October 2020 and October 2021. The report provides the latest data, policy developments and examples of both promising practice and challenges faced by practitioners.

Police disruption of child sexual abuse: Findings from a national survey of frontline personnel and strategic leads for safeguarding

Added: 20/12/2021 Category: Professionalism, Safeguarding

This research study was commissioned by the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre) to explore the ways in which police forces across England and Wales seek to disrupt child sexual abuse.

141 miles From Home: Challenges for Children in Secure Homes

Added: 17/12/2021 Category: Looked after children

The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) has released an initial report as part of its secure children’s home research project. The report provides a snapshot of the context around secure children’s homes in England and Wales between 2018 and 2020 and the challenges faced by children living in this type of accommodation.

Sexual Abuse Online Helping my autistic child

Added: 09/12/2021 Category: Health, Safeguarding

ACT and The Marie Collins Foundation have collaborated to produce a resource to help parents and children understand various online risks.
The resource is a leaflet called “Sexual Abuse Online – Helping My Autistic Child.” It’s available as an online PDF, but you can also contact ACT or The Marie Collins Foundation to request a hard copy.

Harmful sexual behaviour prevention toolkit

Added: 01/12/2021 Category: Harmful Sexual Behaviour

This toolkit is designed for parents, carers, family members and professionals, to help everyone play their part in keeping children safe. It has links to useful information, resources, and support as well as practical tips to prevent harmful sexual behaviour and provide safe environments for families.

Punishing Abuse Children in the West Midlands Criminal Justice System

Added: 01/12/2021 Category: Early Intervention/ACE, Professionalism, Safeguarding, Youth Justice

We know that the local authorities, schools, police, other vital public services and organisations within our essential voluntary and community sectors, are working tirelessly to improve the lives of children across the West Midlands. A crucial part of this is their work to help some of our most vulnerable children cope with the fallout from poverty, and, sadly experiences of trauma.

Tackling violence against women and girls strategy (easy read version)

Added: 21/11/2021 Category: Diversity, Violence, Violence against Women and Girls

Crimes of violence against women and girls include rape and other sexual offences. Stalking, domestic abuse, ‘honour-based’ abuse (including female genital mutilation, forced marriage and ‘honour’ killings), ‘revenge porn’, ‘upskirting’ and many others.