Independent Review into Child Sexual Abuse in Football 1970-2005

Added: 17/03/2021 Category: Safeguarding

The FA has today published Clive Sheldon QC’s independent report into allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse in football.

Punishing Abuse: Children in the West Midlands Criminal Justice System

Added: 12/03/2021 Category: Early Intervention/ACE, Youth Justice

Evidence shows too many young people in the criminal justice system suffer from violence, poverty, and abuse growing up. Commissioned by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) and the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, the Punishing Abuse report, which has been launched today, is one of the most wide-ranging contemporary studies conducted into children in the criminal justice system in this country. Dr Chard’s ground-breaking research considers the lives of 80 children. The report provides a number of recommendations and proposals that focus on implementing a system-wide change to how public organisations support disadvantaged children who have experienced adversity, abuse, loss and trauma.

Youth Defendants in the Crown Court

Added: 09/03/2021 Category: Law, Youth Justice

In April 2016 the Judicial College published the ‘Youths in the Crown Court Toolkit’ in order to bring together in one place the guidance available to Crown Court judges in relation to defendants under the age of 18. Now and almost 5 years later comes this publication. Not only does it update the materials in the earlier toolkit but it also significantly expands the scope of the earlier toolkit. What previously was dealt with in just over 30 pages now covers over 150 pages. The expanded work brings together in one place everything relating to young defendants that a Crown Court judge needs to know. It is an essential reference tool for any judge who has to deal with a young defendant in the Crown Court.

Maturity in the magistrates’ court: Magistrates, young adults and maturity considerations in decision-making and sentencing

Added: 08/03/2021 Category: Law, Youth Justice

Research has demonstrated that the biological and psychological processes of developing maturity continue into a person’s mid-20s. Countries across Europe are responding to this research by reconsidering how they treat 18-25 year olds in their criminal justice systems. In the United Kingdom, the T2A (Transition to Adulthood) programme has led much of the work.

Parental Controls information: Sony Playstation 5

Added: 03/03/2021 Category: Online

Learn how to set up parental controls and manage your child’s use of games, apps, and features on the PS5 console. The PS5 includes parental controls and spending limits that work alongside family management and play time controls.

Policing in the Classroom Evaluation Report

Added: 12/02/2021 Category: Education

Research project in partnership with National Police Chief’s Council and the PSHE association highlighting the significant benefits of enabling training officers to deliver lessons in schools on key issues.

Still not safe

Added: 06/02/2021 Category: Drugs, Violence

This report shows that the vast majority of Local Authorities do not have a sufficient grip on the drivers for youth violence in their areas, nor do they have a cogent strategy to reduce risk factors in vulnerable cohorts. Most were not tracking local school exclusions – widely acknowledged as a trigger for a significant escalation of risk for children. Drug misuse is also a key risk factor for gang exploitation, however the numbers of children accessing drug treatment has fallen by 41% nationally.

Keeping children safe in education (2020): Statutory guidance for schools and colleges

Added: 28/01/2021 Category: Education, Safeguarding

Update – January 2021 (Post EU Exit). This is statutory guidance from the Department for Education (the department) issued under Section 175 of the Education Act 2002, the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014, and the Non-Maintained Special Schools (England) Regulations 2015. Schools and colleges in England must have regard to it when carrying out their duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. For the purposes of this guidance children includes everyone under the age of 18.

Young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing

Added: 27/01/2021 Category: Health, Online

Over recent years there has been an improved understanding of the importance of good emotional and mental health, alongside growing concern about the apparently increasing prevalence of mental health problems in society. Children’s mental and emotional health is understood to be a major issue – because of the number of children who experience problems; the potential impacts of this on health, education and longer- term outcomes; and the strong association between mental health problems in childhood and in adulthood.

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy

Added: 22/01/2021 Category: Professionalism, Safeguarding

The Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy sets out our whole-system response to all forms of child sexual abuse. This strategy is the first of its kind in setting out the government’s vision for preventing, tackling and responding to child sexual abuse in all its forms, whether it is committed in person or online, in families or communities, here in this country or overseas.

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