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The Good Childhood Report 2022

Added: 26/09/2022 Category: Health

“Our Good Childhood Report 2022 shows that children’s happiness continues to decline. Young people are on average less happy with their life as a whole, school, friends and how they look than ten years ago. Young people are telling us what needs to change and we must listen.”

Let’s Talk Teenagers: A supportive tool kit to help parents understand & navigate challenging behaviours

Added: 01/09/2022 Category: Family, Health

Young people want to feel they’re being listened to, not being told, so going in hard and laying down the law is unlikely to ever lead to an honest response. You’re much more likely to get through to them if you try to start a dialogue. Throughout this booklet are suggestions for difficult conversations and ways of starting the conversation.

Child to Parent Abuse (Dr Amanda Holt, HM Inspectorate of Probation)

Added: 24/08/2022 Category: Family, Health, Violence

There is now compelling research evidence about the impacts of child to parent abuse on families. Aside from the physical injuries caused by the violence, there are wider impacts for parents/carers in terms of their psychological health (e.g. anxiety and depression), financial harms (e.g. loss of income and home, property damage), family relationships (e.g. marital conflict), and harms to social life (including social withdrawal and isolation) (Holt, 2016).

Toward a system that heals: Exploring empathy and its application to youth justice and children’s education, health and social care services.

Added: 24/06/2022 Category: Early Intervention/ACE, Health, Professionalism

Through the report I will comment on love, kindness and compassion in systems, and I realise as I come to conclude the writing of this report, that actually empathy is an intentional ‘doing’ word, and that in fact empathy is the driver to love, kindness and compassionate action that leads to ‘empathic interactions’, and increases connection between service providers and those who use the services.

The Bridge Magazine (CAMHS)

Added: 01/03/2022 Category: Health, Professionalism

The Bridge, ACAMH’s Magazine, shares the latest clinically relevant child and adolescent mental health research, best practice, and policy. We publish accessible, interesting, and useful articles to inform our readers’ work with young people, bridging the gap between expert evidence and current practice.

Sexual Abuse Online Helping my autistic child

Added: 09/12/2021 Category: Health, Safeguarding

ACT and The Marie Collins Foundation have collaborated to produce a resource to help parents and children understand various online risks.
The resource is a leaflet called “Sexual Abuse Online – Helping My Autistic Child.” It’s available as an online PDF, but you can also contact ACT or The Marie Collins Foundation to request a hard copy.

LGBTQI+ mental health

Added: 01/12/2021 Category: Diversity, Health

A resource to support the mental health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex young people.

The role of public services in addressing child vulnerability

Added: 19/11/2021 Category: Early Intervention/ACE, Health

“Our second major inquiry, ‘The role of public services in addressing child vulnerability’ will ask whether reforming public services can address the growing problem of child vulnerability. The inquiry will cover how public services support mothers and families during pregnancy, and how they support children in their early years and school years”. (UK Parliament)

Neurodiversity – a whole-child approach for youth justice

Added: 01/08/2021 Category: Health, Professionalism, Youth Justice

Neurodiversity means that everyone’s brains are differently connected. The term is thought to have been coined by Australian sociologist Judy Singer in the late 1990s. It was a plea to move from seeing diagnosis of conditions such as dyslexia and autism as disorders with a focus on cure and prevention (known as a medical model) to a more social model of disability.

Review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges

Added: 10/06/2021 Category: Education, Health

Ofsted was asked by the government to carry out a rapid review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges. This report summarises our findings and recommendations.

Working with Autism Spectrum Condition Children – Effective Practice Briefing – Youth Custody Service

Added: 01/06/2021 Category: Diversity, Health, Professionalism

Youth Custody Service have produced a short briefing concerned with working with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) children. The briefing provides concise and easily accessible advice and guidance for front-line staff working with children who have an autism spectrum condition. Suggestions on how to identify, communicate with and successfully engage children and young adults with autism spectrum condition are offered.

Young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing

Added: 27/01/2021 Category: Health, Online

Over recent years there has been an improved understanding of the importance of good emotional and mental health, alongside growing concern about the apparently increasing prevalence of mental health problems in society. Children’s mental and emotional health is understood to be a major issue – because of the number of children who experience problems; the potential impacts of this on health, education and longer- term outcomes; and the strong association between mental health problems in childhood and in adulthood.

At last there is someone I can talk to

Added: 11/12/2020 Category: Domestic Abuse, Health, Safeguarding

Children are to be recognised as victims of domestic abuse in their own right in the new Domestic Abuse Bill. When the Bill receives Royal Assent, the Government, organisations and professionals who come into contact with children will need to demonstrate the ways in which this recognition has changed and improved the services and support that are available for the children in their care.

‘Feeling heard’: partner agencies working together to make a difference for children with mental ill health

Added: 09/12/2020 Category: Health, Professionalism

This report draws together findings from six joint targeted area inspections, focusing on the multi-agency response to children’s mental ill health. The findings in this report considers how local partnerships and services were responding to children and their families when children were living with mental ill health.

Young Carers in School: Guidance for Schools (Covid-19)

Added: 23/09/2020 Category: Education, Family, Health, Coronavirus

As the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues, it is critical that all professionals working with children and young people are aware of the needs and risks of young carers. The Young Carers in Schools Programme has consulted young carers, schools and carers services and created a succinct PDF guide and an all-staff briefing PowerPoint presentation for all schools to use, to inform their response to the needs of young carers at this time.

Leaders Unlocked: Policing the Pandemic

Added: 19/07/2020 Category: Health, Professionalism, Coronavirus

Policing the Pandemic is youth-led study that seeks to provide a snapshot of young people’s views and experiences of policing during lockdown. Between May and June 2020, the project gathered views from over 3900 young people across England and Wales.

Teen guide to surviving lockdown and beyond

Added: 30/04/2020 Category: Health, Coronavirus

Tools, activities and practices to help you manage social distancing and stay positive during the coronavirus lockdown & beyond.

Covid-19 and early intervention: Evidence, challenges and risks relating to virtual and digital delivery

Added: 23/04/2020 Category: Health, Professionalism, Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a global public health crisis that is having and will continue to have a profound impact on every area of life. Many services for children and families will face significant disruption, as a wide range of services – such as parenting classes, home visiting programmes, youth work, counselling services and school-based services – have traditionally been delivered face-to-face.

Study of Early Education and Development (SEED)

Added: 24/02/2020 Category: Education, Health

Several decades of research indicated that early childhood education and care (ECEC) can have a positive effect on children’s educational, cognitive, behavioural and social outcomes, in both the short and long term, particularly if it is of good quality.

Impact of shared decision-making family meetings on children’s out-of-home care, family empowerment and satisfaction: A systematic review

Added: 13/02/2020 Category: Family, Health, Looked after children, Professionalism

This review comprehensively identified and assessed the evidence of the effect of shared decision-making family meetings in reducing the need for placing children in out-of-home care, and increasing family reunification, family empowerment and satisfaction, as well as reviewing the published literature on the cost- effectiveness of shared decision-making family meetings.

UK Poverty 2019/20

Added: 10/02/2020 Category: Family, Health

This is the 2019/20 edition of JRF’s annual report on the nature and scale of poverty across the UK and how it affects people who are caught in its grip. For a decent standard of living, we all need security and stability in our lives – secure housing, a reliable income, and support when things get difficult. For too many of us, there is no such security. Millions of people in the UK are struggling to get by, leading insecure and precarious lives, held back from improving their living standards. It’s time to take action on poverty and put this right. In this report we set out what we need to do to turn the tide on poverty.

The state of children’s mental health services

Added: 29/01/2020 Category: Health

“Across my work as Children’s Commissioner, mental health remains the issue children raise with me most often. Children are now more aware of their own mental health, and much more prepared to discuss it. This is very welcome. But children are also aware of how hard it is to get help, for them or for their friends. Access to support remains the biggest issue for children’s mental health services.”

Health matters: community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing

Added: 28/02/2018 Category: Early Intervention/ACE, Health

This professional resource focuses on the concept and practice of community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing and outlines how to create the conditions for community assets to thrive.

Heads Up! a toolkit of sessions to run with young people to promote mental health and emotional well-being

Added: 03/08/2015 Category: Health

This toolkit is designed to work flexibly as a fifteen hour programme, or as individual sessions (or a linked series of sessions). The time spent taking part in the programme can go towards one or more Challenges of a Bronze Youth Achievement Award (YAA) or count towards the Award in Personal Achievement (AinPA).

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