“We’ve not given up”: Young women surviving the criminal justice system

Added: 31/03/2022 Category: Diversity, Professionalism, Youth Justice

This report is about girls and young women aged 17 to 25 years old in contact with the criminal justice system. In particular, it highlights the experiences of Black, Asian and minoritised young women, and young women with experience of the care system as both groups are overrepresented in the criminal justice system.

‘Through these walls’: Report Harmful Content annual report 2021

Added: 23/06/2021 Category: Online

Through These Walls seeks to get to the heart of harmful content reporting over the past year, not only regarding harmful content proliferation during COVID-19 lockdowns, but also public attitudes towards identifying and raising incidents with an official dispute resolution service. The report offers a detailed look into the particular types of harmful content flagged, and a breakdown and analysis of the most common forms.

141 miles From Home: Challenges for Children in Secure Homes

Added: 17/12/2021 Category: Looked after children

The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) has released an initial report as part of its secure children’s home research project. The report provides a snapshot of the context around secure children’s homes in England and Wales between 2018 and 2020 and the challenges faced by children living in this type of accommodation.

A review of what works in multi-agency decision making and the implications for child victims of trafficking

Added: 14/08/2020 Category: Professionalism, Safeguarding

ECPAT UK and the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner have produced a review into models of multi-agency decision making in the UK. A review of what works in multi-agency decision making and the implications for child victims of trafficking makes recommendations for best practice in multi-agency decision making for child victims of trafficking, including potential future devolved decision-making in the National Referral Mechanism.

Adverse Childhood Experience Trauma Informed Multi-agency Early Action Together (ACE TIME) training: A 15-month police and partners

Added: 22/12/2020 Category: Early Intervention/ACE, Family, Professionalism

Funded by the Home Office to deliver a national programme of change across Wales (2018-2020), the E.A.T programme is a unique collaboration between Public Health Wales (PHW), the four Welsh Police Forces and Police and Crime Commissioners, in partnership with Criminal Justice, Youth Justice, and third sector organisations.

Annual assessment 2021: Working towards a world without slavery

Added: 04/04/2022 Category: Exploitation

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the UK-wide Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline’s operations in 2021 setting out the number, type and nature of calls, webforms and app submissions received between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2021 and the number and demographics of potential victims indicated. The report also compares the Helpline data over the past five year, since it commenced operations in 2016.

Appropriate Language in Relation to Child Exploitation

Added: 20/01/2022 Category: Exploitation, Professionalism, Safeguarding

This document seeks to provide guidance to professionals on the appropriate use of language when discussing children and their experience of exploitation in a range of contexts.
These include when speaking directly with or discussing children, within recording and case management systems and when delivering relevant training or other learning interventions.

At last there is someone I can talk to

Added: 11/12/2020 Category: Domestic Abuse, Health, Safeguarding

Children are to be recognised as victims of domestic abuse in their own right in the new Domestic Abuse Bill. When the Bill receives Royal Assent, the Government, organisations and professionals who come into contact with children will need to demonstrate the ways in which this recognition has changed and improved the services and support that are available for the children in their care.

Autism: a guide for police officers and staff

Added: 01/12/2020 Category: Diversity, Professionalism

Autism affects more than one per cent of the population. You are therefore highly likely to encounter someone who is on the autism spectrum at some point in your policing career. This might include autistic people who aren’t yet diagnosed. This guide provides background information about autism and aims to help all police officers and staff who may come into contact with autistic people meet their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 (Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Northern Ireland), Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (Northern Ireland Order 1989) and the Mental Health Act 1983 (Mental Health Northern Ireland Order 1986).

Beating Crime Plan

Added: 27/07/2021 Category: Violence, Youth Justice

The Beating Crime Plan sets out our strategic approach to cutting crime: cutting homicide, serious violence and neighbourhood crime; exposing and ending hidden harms; and building capability and capacity to deal with fraud and online crime.

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