2021 News: Second 4

2021 News: Second 4

15/04/2021: Early intervention investment could save councils £7bn, researchers say

Councils in England with above-average rates of looked-after children could save a total of £7bn over the next decade by focusing on early intervention policies that target vulnerable families, . . . according to researchers. The research focuses on the long-term savings that can be achieved through early intervention strategies across four areas, which have a higher than England’s average rate of looked after children, which is 67 per 10,000 children.
Children and Young People Now

15/04/2021: Centrepoint unveils strategy to end youth homelessness by 2037

Youth homlessness charity Centrepoint has unveiled its new strategy aimed at eradicating youth homelessness by 2037. More than 120,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 25 faced homelessness . . . before the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2019/20, according to Centrepoint’s Youth Homelessness Databank.
Children and Young People Now

15/04/2021: The Impact Of Parental Conflict And Substance Misuse On Children

Literature review for DWP examines links between parental conflict and substance misuse and the impact on children’s outcomes.

Russell Webster

14/04/2021: LGBT homelessness: ‘I had to pretend to be straight’

For Sara, university was a ticket out of an abusive home. Sara, who identifies as queer, says she was used to hiding her identity from her Muslim family and pretending to be straight when accessing . . . services. But her mental health worsened after spending holidays alone in empty student halls. “I had a roof over my head but no-one else to talk to. My mental health got really bad and I ended up dropping out. I was going to be homeless so I ended up going back to my abusive household,” she says.

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