2021 News: First 4

02/12/2022: Just 36% Black Young People Trust The Police

Only 36 per cent of Black children and teenagers trust the police compared with 75 per cent of young White people, according to a major new survey for the criminal justice consultancy, Crest Advisory. . . . The trust figure for Black people aged ten to 18 was the lowest of any ethnic group and was even lower among Black Caribbean children.
Russell Webster

01/12/2022: County lines: ‘I was 11 and in a drugs gang – why did nobody save me?

Every week, children criss-cross the UK on buses and trains, ferrying drugs as part of county lines operations. BBC News spent months with one organisation battling to help children who are in danger, . . . hearing young people’s stories of abuse and their families’ heartbreak, and learning what it takes for them to break free. Three people tell us their story of county lines.

30/11/2022: ‘School talked only about care leavers going to prison’

Rosie Campbell never imagined she would go to university. Fostered from the age of 10, she initially tried to apply at 18 but found the process too overwhelming. “It’s just not something I really . . . imagined for myself at all, I thought it was something that was almost too advanced for me to achieve at the time,” Rosie says.

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