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25/01/2022: One in eight pupils out of school as Covid worsens

About a million children in England – one out of every eight pupils – were off school last Thursday, as Covid-related absences rose. The official figures also show staffing problems worsening, with a . . . quarter of schools seeing teachers and leaders’ absence rates above 15%. Across England as a whole, about 9% of teachers were absent.

24/01/2022: Sex trafficking: Children groomed in Romania sent to UK

The BBC has found that children as young as 10 are being groomed in Romania, to be trafficked to the UK. Once they arrive as teenagers, they’re kept captive and pimped out for sex. With police . . . struggling to stop this brutal trade, BBC correspondent Jean Mackenzie has spent two years travelling between Romania and the UK. She uncovers why this industry is thriving, as she meets the girls being bought and sold.

24/01/2022: Online Safety Bill: Harmful and illegal content could evade new laws, MPs warn

The draft online safety bill would not stop the sharing of “insidious” images of child abuse and violence against women and girls, MPs have said. The Commons culture committee warned the government . . . its proposed legislation is not clear or robust enough. Content which is currently technically legal, such as deepfake pornography, still needs addressing, they said.

24/01/2022: Online harms bill ‘fails to prevent sharing of abuse images’, warn MPs

Proposed government legislation to tackle online harms would fail to prevent the sharing of some of the most “insidious” images of child abuse and violence against women and girls, according to an . . . influential group of MPs.
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