2020 News: Youth Justice

22/07/2021: Too Many Women Sent To Prison For Short Sentences

A new (20 July 2021) briefing from the Prison Reform Trust: Why focus on reducing women’s imprisonment? reveals that most women are sent to prison for non-violent offences and serve sentences of 12 . . . months or less. 72% of women who entered prison under sentence in 2020 have committed a non-violent offence. Furthermore, 70% of prison sentences given to women were for less than 12 months.
Russell Webster

22/07/2021: More success for Howard League programme as criminalisation rate for children in residential care reduces further

Hundreds more boys and girls can look forward to a brighter future today (Thursday 22 July) as government figures reveal the transformative impact of the Howard League’s programme to end the . . . criminalisation of children in residential care. Data collected by the Department for Education (DfE) show that, while the number of children being placed in children’s homes continues to rise, the number being criminalised is falling significantly.
The Howard League for Penal Reform

21/07/2021: Plan to tackle violence against women and girls to launch

Home Secretary Priti Patel is set to announce the strategy today (21 July) which includes the creation of a police position dedicated to keeping women and girls safe, a new 24/7 rape and sexual . . . assault helpline commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and tougher measures to prevent sexual harrassment in schools and higher education settings.
Children and Young People Now