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22/01/2021: Concerns grow for children’s health as screen times soar during Covid crisis

The rise in children’s screen time during the pandemic has triggered calls for greater interactivity and outdoor exercise to bolster learning and guard against an epidemic of shortsightedness. Time . . . spent online has increased dramatically in the past year. Millions of pupils have been forced to switch to remote learning, while social media use has skyrocketed, according to Qustodio, which tracks usage of tens of thousands of devices by children aged four to 15 in the UK, US and Spain.

22/01/2021: The IWF welcomes new Government strategy to tackle child sexual abuse

The IWF has welcomed the Government’s strategy to tackle child sexual abuse after a record-breaking year sees IWF analysts remove more illegal content from the internet than ever before. Today, the UK . . . Government has published its national strategy to protect children from all forms of child sexual abuse. The Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy sets out how the Government will use new legislation and enhanced technology to stop offenders.
Internet Watch Foundation

22/01/2021: Ways Schools Can Celebrate Safer Internet Day Remotely

As a result of the current closures, the UK Safer Internet Centre has put together guidance on how schools can still celebrate Safer Internet Day remotely. They have put together overviews of the . . . exciting resources available, outlining how schools and other settings can still enjoy the day no matter where they are. This is to ensure that we can spread the message about ‘An Internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’ for Safer Internet Day taking place on the 9th February 2021
South West Grid for Learning

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