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13/01/2021: Smacking children may have lasting impact, research suggests

Smacking children and harsh parenting could have a long-lasting impact on a child’s mental health and behaviour, research suggests. The use of smacking has generated much debate, with Scotland last . . . year the first nation in the UK to ban the practice. The removal of “justifiable assault” from the law means children now have the same protection from violence as adults.

06/01/2021: Disadvantaged pupils offered free data in bid to tackle digital divide

The Department for Education is partnering with broadband providers to offer disadvantaged families free data to support home learning during the latest Covid-19 lockdown. But education experts and . . . children’s campaigners believe the move does not go far enough to address the digital divide disadvantaged pupils face.
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06/01/2021: Gavin Williamson confirms return of free school meals voucher scheme

The government will relaunch its free school meals voucher scheme to support disadvantaged families during the third coronavirus lockdown in England, Gavin Williamson has said. The Education Secretary . . . told MPs that “extra funding” would be provided to support children eligible for free school meals through either food parcels or supermarket vouchers.
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