2020 News: Coronavirus

25/01/2021: COVID-19: Calls to NSPCC child welfare hotline jump by 50% durig pandemic

Calls by concerned adults to an NSPCC child welfare hotline have jumped by over 50% over the course of the pandemic, the charity has said. The NSPCC said it was now receiving more than 30 calls a day . . . from adults worried that a child was living with domestic abuse, up 53% from pre-pandemic levels.

24/01/2021: Fears grow over hidden child abuse since start of pandemic

Vulnerable children are facing an increasing wave of hidden abuse since the start of the pandemic, according to ongoing evidence of a slump in the numbers being identified by social services. The . . . impact of the pandemic since March has intensified issues such as domestic violence, parental mental health and alcohol and substance abuse – all factors that put children at greater risk.

23/01/2021: ‘I feel like I’m failing’: Parents’ stress rises over home schooling in Covid lockdown

Teachers are expecting parents to do more home schooling with their primary-age children this lockdown, compared with the first one, leaving parents feeling stressed and anxious about their children’s . . . mental health. Nearly half of parents say primary school teachers are expecting more of their child this time round, according to research for the Observer by the Parent Ping survey app.

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