Child Centred Policing – National Strategy for the Policing of Children & Young People

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In this strategy we have set out our key principles which we believe are important when policing children and young people. In order to provide focus, we have aligned the strategy with the four priority areas identified within the All Party Parliamentary Group for Children Report “Its all about trust; building good relationships between children and the police.”

Children and Young Persons Act 2008

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An Act to make provision about the delivery of local authority social work services for children and young persons; to amend Parts 2 and 3 of the Children Act 1989; to make further provision about the functions of local authorities and others in relation to children and young persons; to make provision about the enforcement of care standards in relation to certain establishments or agencies connected with children; to make provision about the independent review of determinations relating to adoption; and for connected purposes

Children’s Voices: The Wellbeing of Children in Detention in England

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This report explores findings from an evidence review of the views, perspectives and experiences of children in detention, on matters related to their subjective wellbeing. This report forms part of a series of studies examining the subjective wellbeing of vulnerable groups of children in England. This series was produced as part of a larger project focused on improving evidence about childhood vulnerability.

Howard League Toolkit for sentencing children

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Following workshops with 80 children who have been through the criminal courts, the Howard League for Penal Reform have published a toolkit for adults working with or supporting children through the sentencing process.

National Child Centred Policing Action Plan

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National protocol on reducing criminalisation of looked-after children

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A framework to help social care and criminal justice agencies keep looked-after children out of the criminal justice system.

Prevention Briefing (YJB)

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The Prevention briefing from the Youth Justice Board (YJB) looks at what the research evidence tell us about working with young people at risk of offending. This is work carried out with young people on the cusp of offending, or who have committed a low-level offence and been diverted from the formal justice system. Prevention aims to keep young people away from crime and out of the criminal justice system. The briefing includes a series practice examples which explore different ways YOTs are approaching prevention in England and Wales. The examples are based on interviews with YOTs following up a recent survey about prevention activity. A summary of the survey responses is available on the Resource Hub alongside this briefing.

Secure settings for young people: a national scoping exercise

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A new NHS England report summarises the findings of the first (scoping) stage of a service evaluation, evaluating the provision of secure services for detained young people, under 18 years of age, from England, between February and September 2016. This involved identifying every secure unit in Great Britain that could detain young people from England and establishing the basic characteristics of each unit, in order to identify similarities and differences between them, prior to further exploration in the later stages of the study.

Voices from the Inside – The experiences of girls in Secure Training Centres

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At any given time, the number of young women under the age of 18 held in Secure Training Centres in this country is very small. The numbers are fluid from month to month but over the last few years there have usually been around 20 to 30 girls in the units at any one time. Girls are no longer placed in custody in Young Offender Institutes but in Secure Training Centres, along with some boys up age 17.

Youth custody data report

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Monthly statistics on the population in custody of children and young people within secure children’s homes (SCHs), secure training centres (STCs) and young offender institutions (YOIs). This includes those aged under 18 and 18 year olds. Some 18 year olds remain in the secure estate for children and young people if they only have a short period of their sentence to serve, to avoid disrupting their regimes.