Laws in England may be different from your home country’s. This especially applies to tobacco, alcohol and self defence sprays.

You must be 18 to buy alcohol – most English pubs don’t welcome under 18’s.

You must not carry drugs with you of any kind (unless prescribed by a doctor), or use any illegal drugs including LSD or amphetamines. You must be 18 to buy and smoke cigarettes of tobacco.

It is illegal to carry weapons, including self-defence sprays.

What If Something Happens?

If you are assaulted, followed or threatened go to a shop, a police station or any public building and ask for help. Ask somebody to contact the Police for you. Do not worry about language difficulties, the Police will find someone who speaks your language free of charge. If anything happens to you, do not keep it to yourself, tell your tutor, your host family or someone you can trust.

In an emergency you can dial 999 for the Police, Fire Service, Ambulance or Coastguard. 999 calls are free from any telephone.

Non emergencies
For non-emergency calls to Devon and Cornwall Police call 101.

If you think you have been a victim of a hate incident or crime, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you been attacked or threatened with violence?
  • Have you been called names or suffered any other verbal abuse?
  • Have you been sent offensive letters, emails or text messages?
  • Has your property been interfered with or damaged?
  • Have you suffered any other form of hate motivated harassment?

If any of these things are or have been happening to you, please report it to the police. We can only deal with the problem with your help.