Youth Offending and Reducing Criminalisation

Explore early intervention options to reduce reoffending (HMI)

Explore options available for force decision making regarding offending outcomes for children and young people (HMI)

Force to explore options for identifying vulnerability factors through tools such as ACE (HMI)

Embed the national review of YOT officers (HMI)

Policies and Procedures in place regarding youth prodcued sexual imagery (HMI)

Diversion schemes for children and young people in place (HMI)

Cannabis diversion scheme in place for first time offenders (HMI)

Reducing criminalisation of children in care in place (HMI)

School incidents procedure in place (HMI)

Effective partnership arrangements for diversion and safeguarding (HMI)

Youth Justice to be delivered as part of force training to new officers (HMI)

All sergeants to be trained in Youth out of court disposals (HMI)

Forces to provide youth caution training (HMI)

Training and CPD for all officers and staff (HMI)

Effective partnership working to avoid custody and criminalisation (HMI)

Examine use of out of court disposals and charges (HMI)

Collect force data for first time entrants (HMI)

Collate and scrutinise timeliness of out of court disposals (HMI)

Scrutinise use of Outcome 21 (HMI)

CCP scrutiny board to be established (HMI)

youth Justice Forum to be established (HMI)

Youth Justice Board (HMI)

Out of Court Disposal scrutiny panels (HMI)