What parents need to know about online grooming and sextortion

The NSPCC defines online sexual grooming as “a preparatory stage of sexual abuse. Grooming oc- curs when a known or unknown adult, or member of their peer group, uses online technology to communicate with a child or young person with the intention of encouraging or

Addiction by design

Designers of social media and other apps are using deliberate strategies to keep users on their platform as long as possible. A leading technology designer who has designed some of these features himself has described these features as “behavioural cocaine”. The Dis- rupted Childhood report

Unseen launches app to report modern slavery

The UK-wide Modern Slavery Helpline, which is operated by Unseen, was established in the autumn of 2016. New figures show dramatic increases in contacts to the Helpline during the first six months of 2018 (Jan-June) compared to the same period in 2017: More than double

Effects of technology on mental health

There are a growing number of studies providing evidence that while internet use can and does have benefits for young people, there are some circumstances and some young people that can have negative mental health impacts from internet use. The SWGfL report Young People, Internet

Think You Understand Me?

Childline has launched a campaign to encourage young people to speak out and seek help for race and faith based bullying. The campaign #UnderstandMe includes a short video; information on what young people can do if they have been stereotyped or discriminated against; a link

Be Internet Legends (Online safety resource – KS2)

ParentZone have worked with Google to provide a free scheme of work for KS2  - 'Be Internet Legends’. Teachers can order one pack each but more than one pack per school can be ordered. The lesson plans are accredited by the PSHE Association and these

Dealing with online bullying incidents in schools

The latest parent's edition of our online safety newsletter gives advice to parents and carers about what actions they should take if they are concerned their child is being bullied. Bullying is the second most common issue that Dorset Safer Schools Communities Team (SSCT) are contacted

My child is being bullied online

Schools and the police receive many reports from parents and carers that their child is being bullied online. If your child reports this to you, you need to consider the best way of supporting your child. Online bullying can take many forms: it can be

Save the Class of 2018

Over 200 schoolchildren are lost to suicide every year in the UK. 1 But we don’t talk about suicide in schoolchildren – and the number of children in this level of emotional distress. Statistics (in England and Wales) were only released for the 10-14 age group for