Play Like Share: Episode 1

This is Play Like Share Episode 1/3 from Thinkuknow, the NCA-CEOP Command’s education programme. Play Like Share aims to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe online. The series follows the adventures of Sam, Ellie and Alfie as they form a band and enter their school’s Battle of the Bands contest, taking on the mean but ‘cool’ Popcorn Wizards as they go. The three friends learn that while the internet can help them in pursuit of their goal, they need to use it wisely and safely and that ultimately, doing your best, including others and nurturing genuine friendship is much more important than how popular you are. If you are a professional working with this age group there is a Play Like Share resource pack and comprehensive lesson plans available to download for free at If you are a parent you can get information and advice to help you keep your child safe online at