is an app that allows users (or Musers as they are known) to post 15-second videos of themselves lip syncing and dancing to music or other audio tracks and interacting with other Musers. Some of the songs

contain sexual lyrics or swearing which may not be appropriate for younger children and there does not currently seem to be a way to switch this off. Some of the dance moves that the children are doing on camera can be inappropriate for this age group. There is also a MyCity feature that gives you a feed from local Musers. You are also encouraged to share videos via your other social media. You have a choice to post videos publically or privately, but if you go onto the app you can see quite young children posting public videos of themselves; the app also allows users to duet and to livestream. has over 80 million users, most of them teens. Users are often looking for hearts which are similar to Facebook Likes. Those Musers at the top of the leaderboard have millions of fans and get correspondingly millions of hearts. We have had a few enquiries about the safety of this app. It is generally quite fun but we would not recommend young children posting videos publically. Musers also risk getting friendship requests from people they don’t know, which can be inappropriate and they can be put under pressure to accept requests or speak to people they don’t know.

This app may be of particular interest to children who love performing. If you want to look at the other features then have a look at this step-by-step article