Is my child ready to be a YouTuber?

Children now watch more videos online than programmes on TV and this starts at an early age. YouTube is rated 13 by the manufacturer, so if content is suitable for this age it will not be removed. There is a great deal of content on YouTube unsuitable for younger children. However, the latest trend is that many young children are creating videos and sharing these on their YouTube accounts, often unbeknown to their parents. Using the YouTube app allows a user to share videos with two or three taps: many young children are able to do this. One of the concerns about sharing images or videos online is that they are essentially available for ever. Even if a user deletes their account or deletes the individual images and videos one of their followers or subscribers can take a copy. When videos created when the user was 8 are shared again when they are 12 they can become a target for unpleasantness or bullying.

In summary:

  •  Making the videos can be fun but do they need sharing online?