Help yourself to stay safe – remember the following advice.

Consider carrying a personal attack alarm but not a self defence spray as these are illegal in England.
When you go out, find out where you’re going and let your host family know and tell them when to expect you back.
Never tell anyone you don’t know any of your personal details.
Always use will lit, busy roads and avoid shortcuts through dark quiet areas
Stay alert – be aware of your surroundings – don’t wear your earphones when out alone, you won’t be able to hear if someone is following you.
Always go out with people you know and trust.
Walk with friends and never walk alone at night – use a taxi. Only share taxi’s with people you know.
Never take money or gifts from people you don’t know.

Be Alert! Do not walk straight into the road. Remember to look right when you cross the road. Cars in England drive on the left.


Don’t block paths – if you need to group together, find an area with plenty of space.


Don’t drop litter. Put it in the bin or take it home with you.


Be considerate on your way home at night. Please keep quiet.


When Waiting for a bus, it is usual to join the back of a queue in England – don’t push in, it will make people angry.


Keep your belongings safe. Don’t carry your passport and all of your money with you. Keep personal belongings like smartphones and cameras out of view and don’t leave your bag unattended.

When using public transport
remember the following advice.

Don’t speak to people you don’t know, or go up to their cars – even if they speak to you first.
Plan your route and check on bus and train times before you leave.
If you are travelling alone on a bus, train or tube, always sit near other passengers
Never walk across or touch railway lines – they will kill you!